Flashback Story:

KNOW THYSELF - January 11th 2013

This has ALWAYS been my philosophy to life, how I approach things.  Yet there have always been people who try to compete with me, try to bring me down, ruin me.  

THIS RIGHT HERE. . . THIS IS ME.  You ever wanted to know what makes me tick?  I run my own race, I'm my own worst enemy.  I have high standards for myself - not to be superior to others.  I want to be my best to honour those who love me.

Sometimes when you're gifted, you can't dim your light so other people's lights can shine. Back yourself 110% and have an attitude of gratitude.  Love yourself folks, AMEN
     Enjoy your moments as much as I enjoy mine :-)


Flashback Story:

FIRST GOOD DEED for 2013 - January 16th 2013

I was at the international departure terminal standing in the queue at McDonalds, getting breakfast for my father, brother and I when a young Aussie boy in front of me tries to pay for his meal with AUD$5.00.  The girl at the counter tells him, "Sorry we don't accept international currency."
Dumbfounded, the boys steps away saying "This is all I have."
She shrugs her shoulders at him.
I ask her, "How much does he owe you?"
"4.20", she replied.
"I'll pay it," I answer, and give her NZ$5.00.
The boy looks at me in shock.
I look back at him and smile, "Don't worry bro, I've got you."
He thanks me and moves away.

A grandmother that was served before him approaches me.
"That was really nice what you did there."
I told her, "I know what it feels like to hope for something and then not get it.  I also know what it feels like to go hungry.  Besides he's from Australia.  I don't want him to return home thinking us Kiwis are heartless!" I laughed.
She smiled at me and touched my arm.
"There should be more people in the world like you.  You have a wonderful day."
I thanked her and walked away.
When I checked my order, the girl at the counter had given me an extra hash brown LOL.

Internally, I thanked God and thought to myself, there shouldn't be more people in the world like me. There should be more people in the world like Jesus.

True story folks, just this morning, flight VA91 departing for Samoa at 7:15am.
Moral of the story:
Don't shrug your shoulders when need confronts you in the face - help instead!!!
Living is giving!!!!

       Enjoy your moments as much as I enjoy mine :-)


Last week I went to dinner with some friends at a popular Thai restaurant in Auckland.
Everyone's meals arrived, there were four of us at the table.  I waited patiently for my meal to arrive.
The starters were great, tasty and everyone enjoyed the food.  The main meals were accompanied by a rice dish.

My friends waited until my meal arrived before we could all eat together.
The rice dishes were in different shapes.  One was a star shape, one was a heart shape and the other was a little man with a smiley face.

When my main and rice dish arrived, I also had a rice dish of a little man with a smiley face:

The side view is much more expressive:

What was the name of the main that this rice dish accompanied?  Lucky Jack.
I guess Jack was hoping to get lucky???
                                          Enjoy your moments as much as I enjoy mine :-)


This page will be dedicated to sharing the wonderful, funny moments that make up my crazy life.
I will be sharing images and the stories behind them.  
People say I'm a funny person - sometimes I think I'm just good at being funny looking :-)

So stay tuned - a new blog post will be coming out by the end of the day.  
It will be worth the wait LOL.
Enjoy your moments as much as I enjoy mine :-)