Saturday, 13 January 2018

And You Don't Stop. . .

Lord, You do it for me . . . 

Ever, ever since I can remember
You've always been right there for me
And no matter what I was doing
You let me see, how life should be
'Cause You make it better by covering me
And You don't stop

You might go about your daily tasks without really focusing on what you're doing.  You get caught up in all of the things that people think you should find important, when in actual fact, you should be wondering about what lies beyond all of that.  Enjoy what life has to offer - in all of its richness and its scarcity.  When things don't go the way that you want, when things are beyond your control, you start to wonder whether any of it is worth anything at all.  People will tell you things you don't want to hear, because they think that foregone conclusions are the best thing that you need to hear.  So here's the thing - will you let what other people say dictate what your life should be?  I'm pretty sure that there are better things to come when you start to believe in yourself.  How do I know?  I've had lots of instances where when I've put faith in myself, it's because I've put faith in He who has made me.

When my way gets a little cloudy 
And my nights, get a little rough and lonely
No matter what's going on
You give me peace, You comfort me
You make it better, Your love never leaves
And it don't stop

Have you learned to discern the noise from the music?
When you get distracted from your purpose and start to pursue other things that bring you no joy, other things that bring you no purpose, other people who in the end do not want you to succeed; you start to see things unravel before your eyes.  We take for granted what we think will always be.  We forget that sometimes what we see in this life, decays and falls away, before we realise.  We need to remember that we cannot rely only on ourselves in achieving all of the great things that we need to do.  How are you engaging in the right support network to keep you on track? 

And You never change
And You stay the same
Lord, You do it for me
And Your love (Your love)
Your love (Your love)
Is on repeat

The same comfort that comes from the Lord never ceases to amaze me.
Just when I think that everything is fine and everything is absolutely perfect, challenges and obstacles turn up to test me. Not only to test my faith in myself, but also whether I understand that whatever actions or words that I do and say, are not for my benefit.  Learning to treasure the mission that we have been tasked with delivering, tasked with completing, can only be done with recognition of the higher power that watches over us all.  You may be reading this and thinking, well, I don't believe in a higher power.  Whoever you subscribe to as your faith point, that's totally up to you.  I think that sometimes I forget who I serve because I am too busy serving the interests of man. 

Every day every day with You Lord
It gets sweeter sweeter than the day before
And no matter how I might be feeling 
I look to You, can't count on myself
You are that very present help
And it don't stop

What sweeter days are you hoping for?
There is nothing sweeter than walking on the path that allows sweeter days to rise and set.
I have been listening to this song on repeat for the past few days.  I had only heard of The Walls Group like literally two days ago and I couldn't help but cry throughout the entire song.  I think about all of the difficult times I have had through my life - and I see the different scenes flash through my mind like a movie montage with this song playing in the background.  All of our best laid plans can crumble quicker than we have been building them.  So think very carefully about what you are doing when you count on yourself all the time.  If you're not careful, you will be left on your own without the necessary support network to get you through. 

And You never change 
And You stay the same
You do it for me
And Your love (Your love)
And love (Your love)
Is on, on repeat
You keep on (loving me) (and you don't stop)
You keep on proving
And I just love what You're doing (and You don't stop)
You do it over and over again
(And You Don't Stop)

I hope that whatever difficulties you are going through at the moment, that you know where to go.
Bask in the love of He who loves you the most, the best and the longest.
We rely on ourselves, our egos to get us through our most difficult times.  But we actually need to process what we are going through so that we can see beyond to the horizon, to see where our true pathways lie.  If people think you cannot achieve your dreams, prove them wrong . Rely on those people who can support you and want to see you at your best.  Stay away from people who are wolves in sheep's clothing.  You should be able to see the gleam of their canine teeth in the sunlight if you are fully conscious and take notice of others around you.  Sometimes smiles aren't necessarily genuine.  You have to catch the smile that's mirrored in their eyes too.  If that warmth is missing, then you know only coldness lives there.  My lesson is to know that when people around me aren't the right people to be around, all I need to do is close my eyes and be grateful in the knowledge that Lord, You do it for me. . .