Saturday, 16 December 2017

Love me still. . .

Only you have seen the other side of me. . . 
A song endorsement from an old friend. . . 

Here is my hand for you to hold
Here's a part of me they have not sold
I've wandered far, I've had my fill
I need you now, do you love me still?

I reconnected with a friend I haven't seen in a long time last night.
It was really interesting tracing steps since the last time we had a real conversation.
Do you have people who reappear in your life?  There are a couple of things that happen when you reconnect in this way.  You might try to remember what happened the last time you met.  You might try to avoid or embrace the chance to connect again.  You might try to find out what has happened and what you each did with your lives in the time that has lapsed.  There will be pieces of you that have remained from that time that you knew each other when.  Those are the pieces that could not be sold.

Only you have seen the hidden part of me
Call me fool hearted if you will
I loved you then, do you love me still?

If you are able to become close with a person, it is because they trust you and feel comfortable revealing the pieces of themselves that they hide from the rest of the world.  It is extremely important to be able to be supportive and be there for them, no matter what they're going through.  It is too easy to be judgemental and to think about what you could do in certain situations, but that isn't your role in this scenario.  Your role is to listen and offer some explanations to check that what you are hearing connects accurately with what is being said.  What the other person wants you to be able to do is just listen and offer positive support where you can.

So many smiles and lies surround me
Empty expectations, faceless fears
Sometimes this life is a bitter pill
I loved you then, do you love me still?

As we near the end of the year, with Christmas looming next week, we can choose whether to surround ourselves with smiles rather than lies. If we let it, life can be a bitter pill to swallow, but only if we allow it to be.  Do you think about love that you have lost and wonder if they love you again?  If they still love you?  You might never know for certain.  Why?  Pride gets in the way. People who are stubborn and don't want to show weakness, because they think that being honest about their love means they are submissive or subservient.  When reassurance is sought and found - what do you do with it then?

You have been mine since time untold
Our love is immortal, don't you know?
Others will come and they will go
But I love you young and I love you old

Immortal love.
Is it possible?  Does such a thing exist?
Myths and legends speak about this in abundance.  They talk of superhuman feats that are performed by mere mortals in order to be reunited with their lost loves again, or to sacrifice themselves so that their love can live instead.  What does it mean to have an immortal love?  To me it almost speaks of being unconditional, because you will know that it is always there, that no matter how long time goes by, when time escapes us when we're not paying attention, the love will always remain.  Have you ever belonged to anybody?  Has someone ever told you that you are theirs till eternity.  "You are mine" and "I am yours". I have heard these powerful statements over the years.  I might have even let these phrases escape my lips myself.

Only you have seen the other side of me
Call me naive, I think you will
I loved you then, do you love me still?

There are different times when love can be imbalanced.
This happens when that level of love expressed from both sides doesn't quite match.  One person may love someone more than the other - or someone is in love while the other just loves or cares deeply for the other.  Is it important to have that match?  To ensure that the same amount of intensity of love is maintained?  How often do you let people see the other side of you?  I have lost count of the number of times people have said that they surprised themselves from telling me things that they haven't told other people.  I must have that kind of face that tells people that I'm genuinely interested in them and what they want to say.  I think for the most part, I think it just comes down to just being able to listen to people with love, even if I might disagree with what they have to say.  It's not my circus, it's not my monkeys.

Here are the eyes that only see you
Here's the mouth that only calls your name
Here is the song that they cannot kill
I love you now, do you love me still?

I hope that when you experience being an immortal love, being someone's "mine since time untold" and being able to see their other side - that it helps you to be more conscious of other people and their needs, their hang ups and their different challenges.  If you still love someone now, it might be important to let them know, even if you think it's not a very good idea.  What is the worst that could happen? Denial? More smiles and lies? We will continue to listen to love songs to imagine how it feels to be in those imagined or conjured spaces.  We will continue to have hope in the belief that love can revisit the homes of those who believe that love has died and physically left us.  It's an interesting concept to think about - what you do with love and how you express it towards others, manifest it into your own life and prepare for it - will all come in due course.  I think if I continue to do that, there will be plenty of other opportunities for others to hear you whisper - only you have seen the other side of me. . .