Saturday, 16 December 2017

Follow your arrow. . .

You might as well just do whatever you want. . . 

If you save yourself for marriage
You're a bore
You don't save yourself for marriage
You're a whore-able person
If you won't have a drink
Then you're a prude
But they'll call you a drunk
As soon as you down the first one

Life is funny.
The contradictions that we are taught to think about, live with and move past create unnecessary pressure on us.  We worry too much about what people about us.  We worry about other people's opinions who don't matter.  We worry too much about how people we barely know can have some kind of placebo effect on us.  What happens when you start to worry about people's opinions who do matter to you? If suddenly they realise something about you that they hadn't really been paying attention to before?  It is always interesting when you have conversations with people that you don't really know, and then they will say things about you that they have heard from someone else.  It's like a really lazy way of getting to know you.  How about they just see how the conversation goes and then they tell you what they think of you, by checking upfront.  Sounds pretty simple aye?  Easier said than done.  But I guess if you're committed to making a real change in your life or just living in the most authentic way possible, then the 'doing' gets easier and eventually done if you put your mind to it.

If you can't lose the weight 
Then you're just fat
But if you lose too much
Then you're on crack
You're damned if you do
And you're damned if you're don't
So you might as well just do
Whatever you want

Why do you need to be one thing or the other anyway?  We can tend to get ourselves all worked up about not being the exactness of perfection that we want, or having the things that make us look and feel wonderful.  We need to stop focusing on things that we can't do, and focus more on what we are actually prepared to do - so that "can't" doesn't feature in the vocabulary anymore.  I had written this blog post and finished this about an hour ago, but it didn't save properly.  So instead of being frustrated with it not being there, I stepped away and returned to write it.  I think we learn how to deal with making decisions that aren't going to be better off for anybody in the end - but a decision has to be made so that people can start picking up the pieces afterward.  How much collateral damage have you created in your lifetime?

Make lots of noise

Kiss lots of boys
Or kiss lots of girls
If that's something you're into
When the straight and narrow
Gets a little too straight
Roll up the joint, or don't
Just follow your arrow
Wherever it points yeah
Follow your arrow
Wherever it points

I like the fun lighthearted nature of this song.
It is cleverly written and full of innuendo and hidden messages but if you can read between the lines, it is clear as day.  Do we have the courage to follow the arrow that we aim at whatever targets we're shooting?  It will take us a while to figure out how we can follow our arrows; whether we have learned the necessary skills required to know how to navigate our way, whether we have figured out the direction we want the arrow to go, and whether we are prepared to follow that arrow to the bitter end.  How many of us will fulfil what we have set out to do, knowing that there will always be the unknown?

If you don't go to church

You'll go to hell
If you're the first one
On the front row
You're a self righteous
Son of a-
Can't win for losing
You just disappoint 'em
Just cause you can't beat 'em
Don't mean you should join 'em

We should never join others because we can't beat them at what we know to be wrong.
We should never acquiesce and be flippant about changing stances - because when we need to stand up for ourselves the most, has never been more important than it is now in the world.  The tricky thing about a spiritual journey is that it can only be one that is taken on your own.  Even if you were to worship with like minded people, at the end of the day (well your own day), when you die, you will be in your own coffin and what happens then?  Well, you won't be compared to anybody else or at the very least - nobody's opinions or criticism will matter.

Say what you feel
Love who you love
'Cause you just get
So many trips 'round the sun

Use this time on this earth to be as real as possible.
Learn to say what you feel, even when you're not even really sure what it is you're feeling.
Love who you love, even if they don't love you back.  Because once you do love someone who sees you for the gem that you are, they will love you back the same.  For as much time as we have left in these trips around the sun, I wonder how much you will commit of your time to doing things that matter in life, spending time with people whose absences would make your life unbearable.  Whatever you want to be able to commit to - people or priorities that ultimately lead you to think that you might as well just do whatever you want. . .