Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Root. . .

What's wrong with the truth?. . . .

You can dig all day and never find the root
You're gonna get dirty child digging for the root
If you're looking for an answer what's wrong with the truth?
Keep digging child, looking for the root

Have you spent enough time getting to the bottom of the issues you face?
Sometimes you're not sure whether what you are being tasked with facing is something that you've created inadvertently, something you have to clean up or something that has crossed your path because you haven't dealt with it effectively in the past.  If you find it hard to find the root, it may be because people are deliberately withholding information, blocking the truth from reaching you or trying to protect themselves in the process. If people continue to do this to you, why do you continue to hang around?  Do you not have a choice in what's happening in your life?  Maybe you do, maybe you don't.  Whatever reasons you have chosen to stick to whatever brand of truth that you have allowed in your life, sit back for a minute and consider long and hard whether this is how you want to live your life.

Look for love
It must be love
Look for love
It must be love

What are you looking for?
You might get distracted looking for the wrong things in life,  the wrong types of love.
What you might think is beautiful and pure, is in fact tainted with things that you have yet to see in its authentic form.  We can never really see what is in front of us unless we are taught to see things as they are, what they represent and the effects that they have.  I have learned to avoid putting myself in situations where I thought love lived.  I have become more discerning about the right places that love lives in and I guess this is why people ask me about where to find love for themselves.  I can tell you, it can be pretty draining trying to explain to others why they persist and continue to chase ideals that are not even part of their destiny.  They might be confused about what real love is.  All they need to remember is that if they are being disrespected, abused and treated in ways that they don't like to be treated - then they have their answer.  Asking for my opinion doesn't change the actions of who is doing all the damage.  Not my circus, not my monkeys.

To be born is original

Original is a sin
And noone who can fix it 
Is forgiveness in the end

No matter what happens in our lives, we must at least try to prepare for outcomes that we want.
I don't know how responsible we should feel at the end of the day - for actions that people take.  I don't know how responsible we should feel for solving problems that are not of our making.  I long for days that bring peace and joy.  We cannot rely on others to do this for us, and if we do, we are sorely mistaken and deluded.  I think it's important for us to look inside ourselves to check that we are in perfect working order for ourselves, that we know what needs to be done for ourselves before we can help others.  If you are the type of person that continually drops everything to help others, friends and family out of a strong sense of loyalty - have a think about whether there is reciprocity in that space. If there isn't, then do yourself a favour and pull back.  These people seek forgiveness that you cannot give, but that which they should be earning by sorting out their own dilemmas.

We keep reachin', reachin' for the fruit
We keep digging, digging for the root
Looking for the answer, what's wrong with the truth
Keep digging child, looking for the root

How much time have you spent digging for the root?
You might be starting to bear witness to so many injustices in your life, where you are either yelled at, blamed or mistreated for things that people try to hide.  In professional circles you might be struggling with maintaining an air of professionalism because people talk about you behind their backs, and rather than talking to you about issues that relate to you - they would rather talk to others about you, rather than to you.  This might happen because people don't know how to talk to you, that those people have no idea about their actions (or lack of actions and lack of courtesy) in being able to have proper conversations with you.  You might have left other jobs to seek career advancement or new challenges to extend your skills, but then find actually, jobs are the same wherever you go.  White privilege exists everywhere you turn but you never speak up because you want to believe that institutionalised racism will not affect you.  You want to believe that you can take the verbal abuse that you are subjected to from others, because you know that if situations were reversed and you were to do the same - acting in a belligerent or defiant manner in phone calls or emails - would have you hauled into human resources because you're brown.  So you continually take the moral high ground.

Look for love
It must be love
Look for love
It must be love

So we mustn't be distracted by this quest for love from others.
The most important form of love is first, to seek within yourself, the love for yourself.
If you are lonely or alone -  do things that make you happy, engage in activities that give you joy and keep you fulfilled.  Get to know yourself and learn about the vulnerable qualities that you possess - learn how to convert those weaknesses into strengths.  If others continue to bring their problems to your doorstep to solve, shut it down.  It is important to shut it down if they persist in talking about the same problems, as they already know what to do but need constant reassurance.  There will be others who try to bring their problems to you in secretive ways but continue to hide their real intentions.  These people will reveal themselves in the end and you won't need to do anything when that happens.  We just all need to remember to treat everyone with love, even when they don't deserve it.  Even when they have wronged you in the past, even if they are all saccharine sweetness to your face but have different intentions behind your back, how you react or respond to all of that - think about acts of love instead.  Be kind to yourself and you will act accordingly.

It must be love
Look for love, 
Look for love, love
Oh yeah
Keep on lookin
Keep on reachin' reachin'
Diggin' uh huh
Love is love, love
Look for love, find your love
If you're looking for that answer, what's wrong with the truth?
Keep digging child, looking for the root

Long gone are the days for justice.
We should no longer be thinking about who is in power, who is in control and our own sensitive, precious issues that do not culminate in acting for the greater good of all.  I have lost all patience for people who persist in living this way - to show others what hierarchy is all about if it is entrenched in forms of tyranny - however they choose to disguise it.  It's like putting lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig and besides, pigs thrive better in their natural environment without the fake facade of trying to make them human in that way.  We need to just keep looking within ourselves, keep reaching within ourselves and keep pulling the best of ourselves out in every situation.  I don't know how things are going in your world but for me at least, I know that the answers I seek are connected with truths that people are too afraid to make public, too afraid to admit out loud, too afraid to confront for themselves as they look in the mirror.  So my advice to myself - to thine own self be true, trust my instincts and know that I need to just keep digging child, looking for the root. . . .