Monday, 2 October 2017

My saving grace. . .

But at least I know where to turn. . . 

I've still got a lot to learn
But, at least I know where to turn
When I'm in my times of need
Just as long
(As I know all things are possible)
Just as long as I believe

If you don't live a life where you are constantly learning, then it isn't really a life worth living.
I don't mean that you need to be a life long learner at college or learning institution, I just mean that learning about yourself and others around you is a necessary part of knowing how you can best contribute to the world.  People may be sent to be on your path, not for nice things to happen, but in some cases for bad things to happen, because it is up to you to learn and subsequently know how to react and respond to situations. 

I've loved a lot, hurt a lot
Been burned a lot in my life and times
Spent precious years wrapped up in fear
With no end in sight
Until my saving grace shined on me
Until my saving grace set me free

You might also be a bit confused about where to find help or assistance in a crisis.  People that you might have worked alongside or grew up together with - they may have also been responsible for burning you so many time sin your life.  Are you a person that has many fears in their life? We are only scared of what we cannot control.  We should know by now when we are in our adult forms that we cannot control people and how we want them to be - just as you would not like to be controlled as well.  This may explain why you are afraid to love, because of the fear of getting hurt.  If you love so much or spread your love around so much - then the most you can be prepared for is a whole lot of hurt.

Giving me peace, giving me strength
When I'd almost lost it all
Catching my every fall
I still exist because you keep me safe
I found my saving grace within you

When there is no greater faith that you can place in anyone in this realm, you know it's time to face facts.  Peace only comes when you are strong enough to push away the chaos that shouldn't be there.  Where can you summon your strength?  It's interesting to know that someone is always in the background waiting to save you, even when you're not expecting anybody to be there.  You might not even register their presence because you're too focused on your own private pain to really notice your own surroundings.  It is important to be grateful for what you have and who you have.  There is no other way that you will be given anything or anyone else until you accept your current situation. 

Yes I've been bruised
Grew up confused 
Been destitute 
I've seen life from many sides
Been stigmatized
Been black and white
Felt inferior inside
Until my saving grace shined on me
Until my saving grace set me free

The biggest lessons we learn in life are most likely the most painful that we must endure.
Rather than dwell on the pain of those lessons, when you have been stripped of everything that you held dear, been labelled so many different things (completely wrong things) and questioned your self worth.  It is completely ok to acknowledge all of this.  I'm just saying that you don't need to hold onto all of it and continue to live through it.  There is no need to torture yourself with your own personal GroundHog Day.  I mean, Marlon Wayans just made an adaptation of that with his NetFlix film Naked.  Even after how many attempts at memorising or anticipating so many different things - it's important to know that

And the bountiful things that you do
Lord thank you
For delivering me

I forget sometimes from where all bountiful things descend from.
Life will have you running around trying to be whatever you think is important - the right group of friends, the right crowd to be seen with, the right network of people, the right career path, the right places to be seen at.  Gees that's an exhausting life.  What have people given you to be at your best?  One of the many things I continue to learn to respect and love about people are their acts of generosity.  I am increasingly impatient with people who are no longer genuine or do not have my welfare at heart.  These people are not people that are worth spending time on, or giving up time for.  I forget my path sometimes, my destiny, my purpose and what I was born to do.  Not anymore. 

Within You
(Only, only You)
Yes Lord
My saving grace Lord is You

I hope that you find the time to be reflective and think about what matters in your life.  What things in your life you need to focus on to help others, to bring joy and light to the world in the best way that you can - that you were born to bring.  There are so many distractions in this life and if we only had the vision to truly see what is front of us, we would be able to see whether what we are investing our time and energy is worth it for everyone we care about.  I think I will concentrate less on driving and accept what I need to driven by.  I didn't choose this life, it chose me.  I need to be aware that after all is said and done, my saving grace Lord is You. . .