Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Make it easy on me. . .

My heart will understand. . . 

Don't keep me dreaming 
If all hope is gone
If it's all over
Don't keep me hanging on

This song was released in my first year of high school.
I just loved the easy groove of the song and how much the groove masked the lyrical intent of the song.  I guess until you experience personally what the song is about, you could view the song for its musicality or for a situation that you may be going through.  The uptempo beat of the song contrasts with the emotional dilemma of the song - when you are in a relationship and can sense that things aren't as rosy or peachy as you thought, and you sense that things are not what they seem.

I can't stay
And dream my life away
In some kind of wonderland
Better to hurt me honestly 
Than make a fool of me
My heart will understand 

People may stay in relationships because they don't want to hurt other people's feelings or for other reasons that they can't control, because it's just too hard to remove yourself safely without unravelling completely - yourself included.  It can be hard to be honest in relationships because ego can get in the way, as pride may stop you from being completely vulnerable and laying yourself open to be hurt.  I'm not saying that relationships cause hurt, but they can, if things aren't on the table.  How do we know what should be on the table?  Why do we stay where our hearts don't belong and wish we were somewhere else?  We continue to play games in these contexts and waste time not being where we are destined to be.  Why do we torture ourselves like this?  You would only be worried about being made a fool of, if you were more concerned about how you are perceived by others, as opposed to being in a meaningful, reciprocal relationship that honours who you are as a woman.

Make it easy on me
Just walk away, set me free
Don't try to do it gently
Just to please me
Make it easy, easy on me

When Sybil sings about making things easy on her, it isn't actually going to be easy, because trying to do things gently - whatever needs to be said - will not be good news to receive anyway.  So how could it be easy on her?  How would he be able to make it easy for her to hear?  It is clear that there are no appropriate words that could be said, but rather, just walking away and setting her free is the only clear option.  Will it be as easy as ripping off a band aid?  The countless band aids you have placed on the situation in the hopes that the medicinal properties in the band aids would absorb itself into the wounds, have never really taken.  So what else can you do?

If it's the time to go
If it's the last goodbye
Never turn around
Don't want you to see me cry

Goodbyes are always hard and when you are not able to have closure, there will always be a gaping hole left in your heart.  A last goodbye is something that you can't return from.  You can revisit someone that you have said goodbye to, particularly when things are just not meant to be, you have sudden clarity that had been eluding you for so long and wish you had seen things in the harsh light of day much sooner.  But this is all part of the learning that you must undertake before you meet your undertaker.  Turning around and trying to catch one last glimpse will hinder you from where you need to be, what you need to be doing, and surrounded by people that have you best interests at heart. 

Don't make me stay 
And wish my time away
In some fool's paradise 
Don't give any hope to me
Spin any lines for me
Make the truth plain to me

There is nothing worse than being given false hope or someone leading you on.
You can never quite tell when things are real or not and you wonder why you haven't been able to see that until now.  Hindsight is like that.  For all the fool's paradise that you indulge yourself in, it doesn't compare to a wise man's agony.  The pain that you suffer is an indication that you are actually alive because you can feel the suffering of what you need to sacrifice, what you are denied and what can no longer be sustained.  Things of an ethereal nature rarely last with human touch so how can we expect to be around such things for so long?

Make it easy on me
Just walk away, set me free
Don't try to do it gently
Just to please me
Make it easy, easy on me

I hope that when someone lets you go, that you have the dignity to understand why this is happening and not try to rehash or regurgitate events of the past that serve no purpose in the present.  People will say things to hurt each other, to lash out, to inflict pain and suffering, because they want control over things that they cannot control.  You cannot control someone else's heart as much they would try to control yours.  When situations are much more complex than people realise, the best option is to walk away.  If nothing good can come from what cannot be changed, from what cannot be progressed that the only thing left to do is walk away.  Make it a mutual parting and if it was me, I would make it easy on you, as much as I would expect you to make it easy on me. . .