Thursday, 28 September 2017

With my own two hands. . .

Use your own. . . 

I can change the world with my own two hands
Make a better place, with my own two hands
Make a kinder place, oh with my, with my own two hands
With my own, with my own two hands
With my own, with my own two hands

As I write this blog post, I just checked my drafts folder - and there are over 150 drafts that I have started and haven't completed.  I have been asked on a few occasions about how quickly I publish my blog posts, but now that you know how many drafts I have sitting in my folder, it tells you how much writing (or at least the thinking behind the writing) that I have in mind.  I guess what helps the writing process is that I have a private drafts folder on Spotify that I play on shuffle on a daily basis.  The lyrics that speak to me the most during that shuffle period - usually ends up being the song I blog about that day.

I can make peace on earth, with my own two hands
And I can clean up the earth, oh with my own two hands
And I can reach out to you, with my own two hands
With my own, with my own two hands
Oh, with my own, oh with my own two hands

I've spent the last couple of days at a nohomarae in Wairewa Marae.  For those of you reading from overseas, a nohomarae (translated loosely as 'staying at a meeting house') is an activity where you stay on a Māori marae and stay overnight with a visiting group of people that you are with, to work intensively on projects or programmes that you are leading together.  You could stay for as many nights as you like.  I have been on nohomarae where the usual length of stay has been overnight or two nights.  I am very fortunate that I work for a non profit organisation that allows its workers to meet and work together in this way.  If you read my blogs regularly you'll know that I'm Samoan, but born in New Zealand.  There are not many opportunities for Samoans to go on nohomarae unless you are constantly connected to te ao Māori (the Māori world) and are learning to live and work in their contexts.  Being connected to another indigenous culture helps me appreciate my own much better :-)

I'm gonna make it a brighter place (with my own)
I'm gonna make it a safer place (with my own)
I'm gonna help the human race (with my own)
(With my own two hands)

I think if you're going to make the world a brighter place - whether you're referring to your own world or the world in general - how do you know what needs brightening?  I think if you aren't in a familiar pattern of being able to make places brighter - especially your own spaces that you occupy - how are you supposed to be able to do that in every other you're in?  I never really appreciated the importance of being able to make things around me brighter - that could mean family, work environment, friends even strangers.  How do you make places safer for people around you?  If you abuse people or are in the habit of belittling others - why do you persist with that type of behaviour?  Do you really hate people that much that you will actively expend your energy to make their lives  miserable? I would like to think that there are people who don't wake up and whose job it is, is to prey on people's weaknesses and extort them for money (it happens, I've seen it) and then not apologise for it, let alone don't see anything wrong with that either.  How can we live amongst such people if you aren't the one causing all of this?  If you are a victim - can you afford to stand by and let them abuse other people too?  When will the vicious cycle end?

Use your own two hands
And with our own two hands
With our, with our, with our own two hands
With my own, with my own two hands

What are you going to use your own two hands for?
I think as you grow older you don't really think about legacy building or what you would like to be remembered for, but I think these are important considerations to have if you intend to make something with your life, if you intend to be of meaning and purpose to others, with your life. Think very carefully about what you do with your own two hands, before you connect with someone else, with others and collectively do things with "our" hands.  I guess this is why people feel so strongly about politics and why countries live and die by their political beliefs.  I am lucky that I live in country where we haven't come to that (ever!), apart from cultural differences that remind us of our historical past and ancient assumptions.

I'm gonna make it a brighter place (with my own)
I'm gonna make it a safer place (with my own)
I'm gonna help the human race (with my own)
Oh make it a brighter place (with my own)
I can hold you (with my own)
And I can comfort you (with my own)

I'm experiencing some obstacles at the moment but I'm working through it.  I think that life isn't really life without such things and it is our responses to situations that says a lot about our character.  Most of the time there are two main emotions that come into play for me when I am confronted with dilemmas - is it something worth crying over or something worth getting mad about?  Both emotions  propel you into some kind of release, but have different actions associated with them for me.  Crying is a cathartic release that allows you to release the frustration and empty your vessel.  Being mad spurs me into action (not physically hurting someone of course!) but it definitely allows me to reach within the depths of myself, to dig deep and push past the ego and the fury to unleash your best.  In spite of all, always produce your best. 

But you got, you got, you got, you got, you got, you got, you got to use
Oh, use your own
Oh, use your own, Lord

I hope that you continue to evolve and do right by others.  I will continue to do the same and help as many people as possible.  Sometimes I get annoyed when people don't offer any meaningful support but instead reveal their true character - the superficial, artificial fickle self that I always knew was beneath the surface but never really want to admit is actually there.  Sometimes we can't rely on others to be sympathetic to your cause - because as much as they will say they will help you with yours, they are busy taking with the other hand.  I don't know, I must be starting to develop zero tolerance for that, having no patience for inauthentic personas that drain my energy.  I guess all you can do is stay positive and persist in working hard to do what needs to be done.  I know that's what I will have to do with my own two hands. . .