Sunday, 10 September 2017

Take it easy. . .

You and me together, we'll be fine. . . 

Stronger days, bitter nights
Cold hands, warm heart
Walking round
But you're staring at the ground
Take hold, fall apart

It can get very tiring trying to keep yourself together, hold it all in and maintain a happy facade.  It is totally acceptable to fall apart so that you can rebuild.  There will be people who are put in your path to challenge, people from your past who will resurface and remind you why they belong in your past.  There will be people in your recent history who will resurface and make you think that there are some things you need to address that didn't get a chance to resolve itself when you needed to.  How often do you spend walking around trying to figure out the best solution?  Sometimes the best solution isn't necessarily the easiest or the one with less pain.  The ugly, public humiliation or falling out is necessary for the biggest wake up call of all - not to show that you were wrong, or should seem repentant - whatever your sins may be - but to acknowledge that a mistake was made.  Who did your mistake hurt?  Take hold, fall apart. . . 

Little by little
Someone blows the whistle
It don't matter in the end
So just slow it all down, slow it all down

How many whistle blowers do you know?
The thing about blowing whistles is that you see that as the absolute right call to make - blow the whistle to raise awareness about a problem that has occurred, to inform people about travesties and crimes that have been committed. When things happen, it's always good to get the full picture and understand what's happening before you blow the whistle.  Collect enough evidence to know what is going on, gain the full picture before seeing what is actually going on and who caused it.  Otherwise we would no better than the times we were in school and had blind allegiances to our friends who were wronged by others, but didn't have anything really to do with us - give people a chance before you hang them out to dry.

You gotta take it easy, easy
Live your life
Take on any kind of weather you and me together
We'll be fine
You gotta take it easy, easy
Take your time
It's just you and me together any kind of weather
We'll be fine

It is election year in New Zealand and at the end of this month the entire country will vote for their preferred electoral candidate and preferred party in parliament.  There is the hope that voter turnout will increase exponentially since the last election.  There will be a lot of first time voters and there will be a lot of people who have been able to vote for a long time, but will vote again for the first time in a while.  We can only be as strong as a nation if the most vulnerable in our society are looked after.  There is increasing homelessness in New Zealand - more so in this generation than there ever has been in the past.  When a class system is only going to be successful the more that it takes away from its most deprived section of society - we will continue to make things harder for ourselves in the long run, and continue to have our international reputation eroded by our own greed and penchant for making profits.

Open road, broken down
Bright lights, dark town
Stand up then you fall again
You will find a way in the end

I hope that whoever you choose to align yourself with, that you think very carefully about how you choose to exercise your vote.  We are living in a world where we think less and less of others and more about ourselves.  Our single minded focus on what we can do to make our lives better should not come at the expense of others.  Getting ahead in life shouldn't come about because you stopped others from having their chance to be successful either.  We must continue to develop our resilience.  Because when we allow ourselves to pushed around, pushed over the edge, pushed under water, we must continue to push through.  That's the only way I will be able to truly live my life and start to demand the same for others who deserve it more than me.  Only then will I be able to take it easy. . .