Saturday, 30 September 2017

Life's about to get good. . .

But I'm alive, and I hold on. . . 

Where do you think you are in your life right now?
When you are about to start something signification, going through something significant or trying to complete something significant - you need be able to take a step back and check your position.  I think the best thing you can do for yourself is actively live a life that is good for you, to do good for others and do good with them.  It seems simple doesn't it? 

I wasn't just broken,  I was shattered
I trusted you so much, you're all that mattered
You no longer love me and I sang like a sad bird
I couldn't move on and I think you were flattered

When you think that someone loves you and is there to support you, it can come as a shock to you when things fall about around you.  When they withdraw their love from you, it may seem as if your world seems to withdraw from you too.  If anything should teach you about life, it is heartbreak and betrayal.  If you are lucky enough never to have experienced these things - well, maybe you might not be so lucky.  You won't have developed the resilience to be as strong as you need to be, to build a life that you would be confident to live.

Oh! Life's about joy, life's about pain
It's all about forgiving and the will to walk away
I'm ready to be loved, and love the way I should
Life's about, life's about to get good

If you possibly can, keep a stack of memories and visions in your mind.
Imagine that your mind is like a huge ViewMaster and when people who have done you wrong start to pop up in your head, release them again, send them away with forgiveness, even if you think they don't deserve it - you need to, for your own peace of mind.  It's extremely important that you are loved the way that you should.  There are too many people out there to love you for what you can do for them, to love you for what you can give them and never really see you for the wonderful person that you are.  So even for me, even though being in a relationship is not a priority for me, I will know what a meaningful relationships will look like, if it is meant to be taken on board.

Oh, life's about to get good
Oh, life's about to get good
Oh, life's about to get good

You might think that this level of optimism is a myth and impossible to achieve.
I believe that it isn't.
Hope is the biggest factor in one's life.  It gives you a sense of anticipation and faith that there are better things around the corner, that there are good things that will come your way, because you deserve happiness.  Focus on the positive things that you have growing in your life, the things that if you spend time and energy on, will continue to grow and prove to yourself that you can achieve more than you thought possible.  So what are you going to have a life that's going to get good?

The longer my tears fell, the wider the river (I love you baby)
It killed me that you'd give your life to be with her (I love you baby)
I had to believe that things would get better
It was time to forget you, forever

I hope that you know that if people leave you to be with someone else, that is their prerogative.
How many times have you been left only for people to come back and want you back?
As flattering as it might be, it may grate on your nerves.
When people leave you because they think they have found a better option, there is no reason to accept them back into your life.  Most of the time, the reason why they would want to come back to you is because you suddenly become more attractive to them again.  They start to notice that you are happy and will come knocking on your door again.  It's up to you whether you want to open it again. 

It took me so long to be strong
But I'm alive, and I hold on
To what I can feel, it hurts to heal 
Oh when love lies
(About to get good)
(About to get good)
(About to get aah)

Acknowledge your past pain, but don't let it take over your life.
Do you have to behave like a martyr and believe that you need to endure pain and suffering on a daily basis?  People sometimes choose to hold onto guilt and other negative feelings, as ways to self sabotage, to use these as excuses to never fail - because we will always be scared to be who we truly are.  What are you prepared to do to be strong again?  Being strong doesn't mean that you have to be tough all the time.  Far from it.  You can be strong by having that cathartic release, to be completely shattered and then give yourself the time to pick up your own pieces.  We can learn how to pick ourselves in time again.  I just think that the more times we do fall apart, our need to wallow in our self pity lessens over time - we learn how to be resilient quicker and live life harder and faster - and do it all over again. I mean, gee, it's the only way that we can teach ourselves about how just when we are about to pack it all in and give up, keep pushing that little bit more, because life's about to get good. . .