Monday, 11 September 2017

It don't matter to me. . .

Time is on my side. . . 

It don't matter to me
If you really feel that you need some time to be free
Time to go out searching for yourself
Hoping to find, time to go to find

Have you figured out what matters to you?
I'm not sure if the universe is trying to tell me something, but there have been definite signs about what I need to be focusing my time and energy on.  There will be so many dilemmas, obstacles and dramas that make their way onto your, cross your path and you will start to question - why me?  I think the better question is - why not?  If you haven't figured what your real, true, genuine and meaningful priorities are - then make it happen.  Start crossing off people (or things) off your list that shouldn't matter right now.  It can be extremely difficult to do if you haven't tried to do something like that before - hands up emotional hoarders out there?  Yes you, the person reading this blog post.  You know you're an emotional hoarder - so it's time to let people or things go in your life that are cluttering up your emotional health, that are testing your emotional intelligence.  Let them go figure themselves out for pete's sake.  Their journey isn't your journey.

And it don't matter to me
If you take up with someone who's better than me
'Cause your happiness is all I want
For you to find peace, your peace of mind

When you start thinking that someone else is better than you, take a step back and figure out - what does that have to do with your journey?  What does being better actually mean?  Does that person make more money than you?  More friends than you?  Has all the trappings that we associate with a being successful in life, being better than you?  We sometimes can't even wish happiness for someone else when they're not even seeking happiness themselves, or not actively doing things that lead them to a path of happiness.  You are not responsible for other people's happiness.  But of course, if they say that having you in their life, or the things that you do for them make them happy - that's how they've chosen to define happiness in their world right?  You don't have to feel pressured to be the source of happiness for someone.  You already have a job - making yourself happy too.

Lotta people have an ego hang-up
'Cause they want to be the only one
How many came before it doesn't really matter
Just as long as you're the last
Everybody's moving on and try to find out
What's been missing in the past

I know this is how psychiatrists and therapists make their money right?  They try to find out something that has happened in your past to blame for all of the actions of your present.  While there might be some truth in this, we have to really consider what our actions as humans mean too.  It's far too easy to blame other people for situations that we are in.  Some cases it might be true - poverty, class systems, inequity - things that have been caused by people who have profited solely from those people who must remain at the bottom of a social strata in order for some type of order where certain individuals have to be better than someone else.

It don't matter to me
If your searching brings you back together with me
'Cause there'll always be an empty room waiting for you
An open heart waiting for you, time is on my side
'Cause it don't matter to me

I hope that whatever empty room you have left for someone, that open heart you have waiting for you - that you continue doing what you have to do, in order for you to keep living.  Have a look back at your own memory lane, at those opportunities with people that you thought you missed.  Would things have been different if you had made decisions earlier - if you had taken pathways that you had never explored before?  If you had said what you were truly feeling at the time?  No.  You wouldn't have been ready.  You wouldn't have known for certain, because you can only see that now, not then.  So if you weren't able to see something then, and you can only see it now - what helped you to grow and learn what to do?  We all just need to listen to each other and be respectful of other people and their journeys.  People can say how and what they feel and you can react to it however you like.  People can say whatever to try and upset me, to make me react to situations, but as long as you are able to speak your truth, speak from the heart and not harm others in the process, it don't matter to me. . .