Tuesday, 15 August 2017

You can find me. . .

To find your happy gotta lose control. . . . 

Thinking about those nursery rhyming days
When it was all fun and games 
Never had a care in the world
When did it all begin to change
Go back to the merry-go-round
Laughing and acting like clowns
Stay in this moment til'
We see the sun go down

Wasn't life simpler when you were a kid?
When we face things as adults, where we have to grow up and face facts. we find that we wish we were young again, so that we don't have to take responsibility.  Have you had those days?  Where we just pretend like we don't have to do anything that we don't want to, that we can just do what we like, when we want and with whom we want.  What moments are you keen on staying in?  We need to all remember that time is fleeting and that we make the most of the moments that we can create or let slip by.

I treasure your heart of gold
I'll be your shadow when you feel alone
'Cause nothing changes when I'm on the road
To find your happy gotta lose control

Are you fed up with people who only turn to you when they need help?
Real friends and loved ones will always reach out when you need them to.  It's one of the perks of being close to someone who knows you better than you seem to know yourself.  Sometimes if we allow somebody else's shadow to take over your light, then we are allowing ourselves to shine a little less.  Why would you do that?  Granted you can't expect people to try and find favour with you, especially if they don't really understand where you're coming from.  Why doesn't anything change when you're on the road?  Are you really that happy with what little happiness we have?  Either be happy or have control.  Sometimes we need to let go in order to gain/

If time between us gets a little uneven
Don't you worry 'cause you will find me here
Never broke a promise, never been dishonest
Don't you worry 'cause you will find me here
Oh oh you can find me, find me
You can find me, find me
You can find me, find me
You can find me, find me

Who do you make yourself available for?
Sometimes you might need to take a back seat and really take stock of who or what you need to spend time on.  It might be difficult to figure this out at first, but once you refocus and reassess your priorities, you realise how much is at stake for yourself.  It's always been easier said than done to think about yourself first, putting your needs, dreams and goals first - because nobody is able to achieve them, except for you.  I often wonder what I need to find sometimes - it's the self belief that eludes me that I need to hold onto, latch onto, and never let go.  All of the answers lie within me if I look hard enough and just push through.

Feeling like I've been misunderstood 
Like I heard she's gone to Hollywood
Couldn't be more wrong if you tried
Think you should take a hard look
It's not hard if you try
Try to see, through my eyes

As I leave Dunedin to return home to Auckland, from another work trip, I think about the reflections that educators have shared about their learning today.  I talked about Multiculturalism and how we need to exercise tolerance and love for each other.  How we must learn to value each other and respect human life, by embracing differences other than our own.  I can't but think about Charlottesville and how we can see each other, through each other's eyes.  How much are you willing to change about yourself in order to be more tolerant, accepting and more caring of others?  Sounds simple doesn't it?  But why is it so hard to achieve?

I guess unless you are willing to come to the party, to come to the table, and see how I see the world through my eyes, only then  will be able to , only then you can find me, find me. . . .