Monday, 7 August 2017

Love my life. . .

I love my life. . . so I'll help you learn to love yours. . . 

Tether your soul to me
I will never let go completely
One day your hands will be
Strong enough to hold me

I turned 40 years old last Friday.
I spent the day doing things that I loved with people that I loved.
Granted not everybody that I wanted to spend the day with were available (either busy with unforeseen circumstances or they no longer walk this earth), and I don't want to take the day away from those who made a special concerted effort with me either.  Life happens sometimes and despite all the plans, sometimes things happen and not everything goes according to what we want, no matter how hard we plan.  For all of the unexpected turns of events throughout the day - I had a wonderful time with people who made the effort to leave their homes from around New Zealand and come and spend time with me.  The greatest gift you can give someone - is your time.  The best present is presence.  The best present is just being present.

I might not be there for all your battles
But you'll win them eventually
I'll pray that I'm giving you all that matters
So one day you'll say to me

There are some friends or family that you don't really see that much, but you know they will always be cheering for you in their own corner of the world.  These are the kind of people that you want to stay connected with.  These are my type of people.  I had a conversation with my mother about people.  She asked me why people aren't forthcoming like she is.  The question made me smile.  My mother has a tendency to wear her honesty like a crown.  She is unique like that.  She gives more information in a conversation than is required, and sometimes I worry about her.  Because I can see that people take advantage of her, because she loves to help as many people as possible.  Some people might say that I've inherited that from her, but I think I'm more discerning in being able to smell dishonest people from a mile away; those who seek to exploit me for their personal gain.  If we extricate ourselves from situations that people are hell bent on including us in, then maybe it needs to be said that we learn to distance ourselves from said people.

I love my life
I am powerful
I am beautiful
I am free
I love my life
I am wonderful
I am magical
I am me
I love my life

You should be able to go through life knowing how important you are.
When you are constantly being bombarded with negative statements that people throw at you, there is no obligation for you to wear it.  When things don't go your way, there is scope for you to understand that there are your ways of being that will completely mystify people.  That's ok too.  Not everybody is meant to know exactly who you are - just as long as you do, that's all that matters.  I think we should start focusing on the awesome things in our lives.  I have noticed that playing piano more often and creating more music gives me such a sense of joy and wonderment that I can't place anywhere else.  The magic I find within from playing songs and music that uplifts my soul - that's the kind of magic you need to experience daily for yourself.  I am more mindful of the little things that bring me joy, that bring me excitement and anticipation that can never be erased.  Create your own magical moments, rather than relying on someone else to create them for you.

I am not my mistakes
And God knows I've made a few
I started to question the angels
And the answer they gave was you

Don't you think if we were all our mistakes and wore them around our necks like garlands, that we probably wouldn't be able to hold our necks up?  The sheer weight of all the dumb, stupid and hurtful things that we've ever done would be worn everywhere we went, until we decided we were worthy enough of new beginnings and salvation to have the courage to remove it.  Do you have conversations with angels?  I have had my fair share of conversations with angels.  Most of the questions will probably never be answered until I'm no longer earth bound and then I can truly see things for myself.

I cannot promise there won't be sadness
I wish I could take it from you
But you'll find the courage to face the madness
And sing it because it's true

Have you come across people who try to take away sadness from you?
They mean well, have good intentions, but don't understand that sadness is a necessary part of life.
Without sadness we wouldn't know the difference between that and happiness.  We wouldn't know what rainbows look like after a rainy day and we wouldn't appreciate the warmth of the sun on our faces.  People have expected me to take their sadness away from them, but I can't.
It isn't my sadness to remove and they need to hold onto their sadness for a little bit, until they have learned all that they need to ensure they understand the place of sadness in their world.  It is something that we cannot ignore but something we must process.

Find the others
With hearts like yours
Run far, run free
I'm with you

Do you know where you can find people like you?
The only way we can do that is to truly talk to people and discover their inner light.
I anticipate there will be lots of opportunities for me to travel the world soon and I'm looking forward to it; a chance to learn more about myself, to run far, run free, and see where life takes me.  I don't know exactly when that's going to happen, but I will know once it does how I will feel and finally, I'm where I wanna be. . .