Monday, 17 July 2017

What you get is what you see. . .

Sometimes what you get isn't what you see . . . 

Some boys got the look of a Greek Adonis
Some boys try to talk you off your feet
Some boys think they're god's gift to women
Some boys think they're sweet enough to eat
Try to change the habit of a lifetime
Don't even try
Cause when you cut down deeper than the icing
You realise

I don't know about you but sometimes I think men are a complete waste of time.
Spoken like a true feminist I know, but apart from my own family members, there aren't very many great examples of the opposite sex that I can rely on to just have themselves pulled together and know how to deal with their own business.  Instead, it's all about games and telling me (or not telling me) about things that they've said and done and then I realise that yes, it is hard for such men to be able to change their habits of a lifetime.  I don't think I'm prepared to keep looking after broken men or fix them because they've caused this damage, whatever damage it is, to themselves and expect me to clean it up.

What you get is what you see
Ain't nothing more to it
And if you want a woman like me
It takes a man to do it
If what you get is what you see
Then I don't want your kind of love

I would like to think that I'm not as complex as people think I am.
Maybe people don't understand you because they've already pigeonholed you into some box that you don't really belong in, because they don't really know you.  Why do people persist in doing things that don't involve you, but they want it to? Ladies, just watch what kind of trouble comes to your yard and have the nous to know what to do with said situation.  Would you even care what kind of woman you are that men want to be with?  I think we focus too much on the wrong stuff and don't really invest our time and energy into what we need to do to elevate ourselves, to keep ourselves at the forefront of preparing for a future that doesn't solely on someone else.  I think that's probably the biggest lesson I've learned since I've become a widow.  Why would you open your heart again, only to have someone mishandle it?

Some guys got lips that you can't help kissing
And some guys got a smile that you can't resist
Some guys gotta build a reputation
They just want to add you to the list
You got a lot of physical attraction
I can't deny
But you can guarantee me satisfaction
While I'm still waiting, waiting, waiting

I guess you're better off waiting for someone worthwhile, someone with substance and someone who genuinely cares about what happens to you, what you value without all of the other noise or drama that they bring.  Are you done with guys adding you to their list?  The type of guys who use you for their own personal gain, but give no real credence to the phenomenal woman that you are?  Don't you dare put yourself in situations where you lay yourself vulnerable - no matter how innocent things seem, no matter what excuses seem to bubble and brew themselves to the surface.  You should be more discerning with the satisfaction that you can bring to your own life - and not on someone else who doesn't know what that really means.  Enough empty or broken promises.  The reality remains to be seen.

So let me see your cards on the table
Before I buy
I always read the writing on the label
So give me reason to believe there's more to you than meets the eye

I hope that whoever you're playing cards with, knows how to play the game properly.
There's nothing worse than playing cards with someone who keeps changing the rules on you or reveals that they've cheated the entire time.  I'm a huge fan of always reading the writing on the label.  We can't afford to let our gaze falter from that label.  Someone might've tried to dupe you by sticking a fake label on.  I have yet to see anyone be more than what they present themselves to be.  I'm past caring about what men try to do with their games.  It's tedious, ridiculous and a complete waste of my time.  But hey, I guess what you get is what you see. . .