Sunday, 2 July 2017

One wing. . .

I can't fly with one wing. . . 

Feels like I'm going down on one way street
And every direction
I need, I need I need heaven to show me a little affection
No, cause all other sides
Torn towards bad for me
And I wish I could get a running start
And sort out my victory

It is a very natural thing to try and find affection, especially when you lack self compassion and beat yourself up quite often.  I have been having some really open and frank conversations with lots of different people in my life recently.  Everyone is going through their own situations and seem to be feeling out of sorts or trying to come to grips with some real challenges.  As a good friend, I listen and offer support where and when possible.  When you arrive at a plateau that you can't seem to escape because there isn't anything in sight to assist you, what do you have within you to get through?

But, one wing I can't fly with one wing
Heaven help me, fly with one wing
I can't fly with one wing, oh no
No matter how hard I try, I can't no

Do you think that maybe you can't fly with one wing because you're carrying too much weight?
Not just your own, but that of others too?  There might be people who want you to carry them all the time, because you've always enabled them to feel like you are always there for support.  I don't turn away friends or family who need support - that's not what I'm saying.  I am talking however about people who have perfectly well formed wings of their own that they haven't bothered to start flapping because they're in awe of your wingspan (yes, even with one wing lol) and compare their wings to yours.

Feels like I'm running out of time
And I gotta whole other things on my mind
And I'm walking around in the dark, oh oh
Trying to find just a little peak of sunshine 
No, no oh I did everything to make it work
But I'm still on my loss
Now I'm on the runway of my life
Waiting to take off, but I

Minimise your time spent on other things that steal valuable time and investment, energy and focus on things that help to nurture you - so that you can go out there and make that difference for everyone.  It took me a long time to figure that out.  I'm still learning how to cope with this, but I think the more I practice it, the better I am at getting more discerning (people would say selfish, but hey, you can afford to get the ish about your own self right?) about what I do.  Have you found a little bit of sunshine?  Sometimes all we need is a little bit of an incentive, even just to feel the sun's rays to warm up the wings we have, to enable us to have the confidence to fly.

Cannot fly with one wing
Heaven help me, fly with one wing
I can't fly with one wing, oh no
No matter how hard I try, I can't no

I am a huge fan of asking for help.
Everyone will have their own places to go to, own people to ask for the assistance they need.
One of my PhD supervisors always talks about not being a problem to others, you only want to be a solution.  I really took that on board and have applied that to all areas of my life.  I guess this has meant that maybe I don't offload my problems to people as much, because I don't want my problems to become their problems.  I even did this when I was a classroom teacher.  Often I would get in trouble for underutilising the school disciplinary system, because I didn't think that if I couldn't manage student behaviour in my own classroom, why would I send misbehaving students to someone else's class and make them someone else's problem?  I soon learned that in fact, if I chose to engage with the system and use the process, I could find alternative measures that weren't so taxing on me.

Oh I need many nights friend
For the coming of my victory yeah
But there's always something in the way of light
I just can't get up on my feet
To reach my destiny
To where I just can't see
It's just too high to reach

I hope that you never give up on your dreams, never give up fighting for your goals and reaching your destiny.  I think there are so many people who would rather see you fail.  They might keep it close to their chest and not say anything negative - but they don't exactly say anything positive either.  I think it's ok to rest sometimes and think about ways to make your wing stronger, to make it strong to endure the challenges that you may face alone.  How prepared are you for your victory?  Can you actively see all of the people who are your biggest cheerleaders - ready to celebrate your success when you are done?  Sometimes we focus too much on what we don't have, rather than using what we don't have.  So even though at times, when we are at our weakest points, we may think that being impaired by having less than what we have; we just need to remember that we don't have no wings.  In spite of everything that comes our way, when we feel like giving up, we can't.  We must never forget that we can still achieve our greatest imaginable challenges that lie ahead: we still have one wing. . .