Friday, 21 July 2017

Life is good. . .

Note to self. . . 

The blog posts of late may have felt like negative and intense.  You may be right.
But it has been an internal storm that has been brewing for some time that needed to pass through, much like the weather system that has been battering New Zealand towns in the past fortnight.  You could say that after all of this rain, sleet, hail and just biting cold that has gripped us for a while, it has come to pass.  There is no music video for today's song, but you can follow my Spotify playlist that has the song recently added to listen.  Just search for my name and the playlist ManuScript.

Note to self, chase your dreams
Note to self, find your wings
Note to self, seek your truth
You have nothing left to prove

When we allow negative and mind numbing experiences to take over our daily lives, it can cause trauma that is difficult to process.  So how do you push through the pain?  Try and remember what the great things are in life that you know are important.  We need to know that our dreams are still intact.  We need to know that our wings, even if they feel like they have been clipped or suffered some damage, are still there and ready to be used.  The truth that you have been searching for all along cannot be found in the apologies and forgiveness sought from you; instead it comes from within.  There is nothing left for you to prove in this world, so why continue to seek it in this plane?

The road may twist and turn sometimes
But at the bottom line, hey 
Life is good
Hey, life is good

What road wouldn't be interesting if it was twisted and turned somewhat?
It's those very bends in the road that help to build character, that help us to understand ourselves so well that we put pressure on ourselves, allow others to learn so much from this pressure.  Despite all of that happening, the bottom line is that we must celebrate what life brings.  Are you happy with your life right now?  If yes, then you should be shouting from the rooftops how great your life is.  We make the most of the opportunities that are afforded to us, and when there are no opportunities to be had, we go out there and create them.

I've been down on my face
I've felt the victory of winning the race
I've felt love's pain and it's joy
Depending on the day, flip sides of a coin

We must be prepared to feel all of the good feelings that this good life brings.
Granted there are situations that tell us that life isn't as good for some people, but I'm not referring to people who are in situations that are beyond their control. I'm talking to the ones who continually make the same mistakes, make the same bad choices.  You might like to throw caution to the wind and on the fly, just like to live a little dangerously, without any thought for being really prepared - just feel the emotion and let it run its course.

As we write the story of our lives
At the bottom line, put
Life is good
Hey, life is good, yeah

What does the story of your life look like?
We might have so many different chapters or episodes that don't make sense to us right now, but I don't think I have ever regretted any moments in my life.  I may have felt like that at the time, wallowing in those pits of despair, but I was meant to feel that at the time.  It's all a matter of perspective.  I just think we should be thinking more about our good lives, and just live it.

The difference in living life and feeling alive
Is using fear as fuel to fly, hey

I hope that we start to know the difference between letting our lives take over and stop us from feeling alive.  I can't imagine key moments in my life without those wonderful "feeling alive" euphoric times.  There are those time of intense happiness that is boundless and just utterly magical.  Those are the times when smiling inexplicably and understanding what pure joy means cannot be eclipsed.  I hope that one day we are all completely satisfied with the people we have become, who we are now and what we strive to be.  I feel that I am in a perpetual state of becoming, and that excites me beyond reason.  Do you feel the same way?  We should no longer be afraid to fly.  If you ever needed to know where I'm at right now, I can tell you, I can even reassure you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that although life is nowhere near perfect, I can feel that life is good. . .