Monday, 10 July 2017

From Russia with love. . .

To Russia with love from Aotearoa. . . 

I wouldn't say I'm a real James Bond fan, but I do appreciate the theme songs from the movies over time.  This is one of my favourites from the franchise and also because well, it's a thank you to the readers from Russia who read my blog.

From Russia with love I fly to you
Much wiser since my goodbye to you
I've travelled the world to learn
I must return from Russia with love

The song speaks to me of past relationships or encounters, dalliances even, with people you connected strongly with - either emotionally, physically or both. It is very rare to find spiritual connections with people and if you do, it is probably those types of connections that I value the most.  I am fascinated though that there are large amounts of readers from Russia who read my blog.  For a start it's mostly because I've never been to Russia and the most that I know about Russia is from studying its political history at high school (Russian Revolution), its music history (so many great composers to name, I wouldn't want to miss anyone out),  One day it might be good to go to Russia and see what life is like there.

I've seen places, faces and smiled for a moment
But oh, you haunted me so
Still my tongue tied, young pride
Would not let my love for you show

When you look back at your life, are there people that haunt you?
I can recall places and faces of people that haunt me during different moments of my life.  I sometimes feel like I'm experiencing dejavu but I'm actually triggering memories that I have stored in my mind of these places and faces.  Have you ever felt strongly for someone but then never told them how you felt?

In case you say no 
To Russia I flew but there and then
I suddenly knew you'd care again
My running around is through
I fly to you, from Russia with love

I hope that when you fly to your own Russia, that you are ready for what greets you when you arrive.  We would all like to think that when we say goodbye and stop revisiting harmful behaviours that do nothing for us in the long run.  We would all like to think that we know other people so well that we can anticipate how they will think, feel and act around you - but we all know that we can never really be sure.  I guess the only thing that you can do is to make sure, that whatever state you're in, that whatever state they're in, that you leave them with the knowledge that you wish them only the best, from Russia with love. . .