Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Open your eyes. . .

When will they open their eyes?. . . 

Looking back I clearly see
What it is that's killing me
Through the eyes I want to know
See a vision once let go
I had it all

A friend of mine introduced me to this band and it ignited my love of rock music again.  I love this song in both its rock version and with this acoustic rendition that I've included in this blog post.  I like the fact that sometimes when you play song, they can sound equally beautiful both in full bore and in its most restrained.  We have dualities like that too within us.  Both the light and the dark, the heavy and light.  I have listened to this song so many times but as with other blog posts, I wait sometimes for songs to speak to me before I can write about them.  Often I will wait until hearing them enough times can also translate into what is going on around me in my own life.  Do you know what's holding you back in living your best life now?  We sometimes look to our past for inspiration, when we should be taking notice what's around us, right in front of us, right now.

Well constantly it burdens me
How to trust, I can't believe
I lost the faith, I lost the love
But when the day is done

Things happen to us and we can lose faith or lose love quite easily.  I guess part of our learning in this life is to figure out how to navigate our way through it all.  I sometimes think we're like people playing space invader arcade games, trying to avoid being hit, avoid crashing and burning.  Those games only allow us a few more chances before we die for real.  When I've played those arcade games, we might quickly insert more coins as the timer counts down the seconds.  Other times we might grow impatient with the game and press the buttons so fast to speed up the clock that's counting down.  Maybe we might even just watch the timer slowly count down, and choose not to insert more coins to continue playing nor choose to speed it up in frustration while watching the clock.  Which one are you?  Is this what burdens you?  Trying to find yourself out of dire straits every single time?  Opting to quit when things don't go your way?  Accepting what is and letting things go?

Will they open their eyes, and realize we are one
On and on we stand alone until our day is gone
Will they open their eyes and realize we are one

As much as I appreciate difference and uniqueness, there are times when I wish people would see that underneath it all we are the same.  I think this especially when people use differences to divide, rather than to celebrate diversity.  I think the more I am in coming into contact with different people in my life, the more opportunities I have to grow and get to know other like-minded people. it helps to consolidate my beliefs and values.  When you are challenged by things that force you to open your eyes, you get to decide whether you choose to take them on board or not.  What happens if you force others to open their eyes?  How receptive are they to really hearing what you have to say?

I love the way I feel today
And how I know the sun will fade
Darker days seem to be
What will always live in me
But still I run

I think when people think of happiness, maybe they should actually think about it as some Zen state of being where you learn to acknowledge your dark side.  What deep darkness lies within you?  I think it's healthy to acknowledge this darkness, rather than run from it.  Take a good long look at this darkness in the mirror.  Name every aspect of it that you see.  How else are we supposed to know what the light feels like if we don't know what to leave behind when it's time?  We might get annoyed at ourselves and judge ourselves harshly when we make mistakes and do things unintentionally.  We hold ourselves accountable in such a way that we would never hold anyone else accountable.  Could this be the reason for your generosity of spirit?  The face that you would forgive anyone anything and not judge them because you're too busy judging yourself more than you need?

It's hard to walk this path alone
Hard to know which way to go
Will I ever save this day?
Will they ever change?

If a path is hard to walk alone, chances are, you are meant to walk it alone.
I've been enjoying some alone time in recent weeks and I've found that there is no greater source of happiness than celebrating what you are grateful for, as well as acknowledging the other emotions that fit into that spectrum as well - those moments when you are sad and mad.  When we don't know which way to go, we often on someone else to tell us where to go, hence why walking a path alone is hard.  If we waked paths with others, we are more inclined to feel safe and comforted, knowing there is someone else there who can offer support or some much needed respite when you can no longer walk alone.  As for those who choose to torment you on this path, try to ruin you and sabotage your efforts, when will they open their eyes and realize we are one. . .