Monday, 24 April 2017

Haven't we met. . .

When someone asks you, haven't we met?

Do you like meeting new people?
The nature of my work (and my personality, if I'm willing to admit) is open to meeting new people and listening to their stories.  I have had instances in the past where I bump into someone that looks familiar and they ask this question.  I find it mildly amusing because you have to question whether it's a ruse on their part to meet you because you've caught them trying to make eye contact with you from across the room or they are actually quite genuine and really want to place where they have seen you before.  The ones I hate the most are the people who I know I have most certainly met before, but they act like they haven't met you before.  That's a sure sign that they are either really bad with faces or just plain disrespectful.  Those types of people I know, never to give the time of day to again.

I've ordered some rain for tomorrow
The sky will be sunny but wet
And out of nowhere you're suddenly there
And I say, "Yeah, pardon me, haven't we met?"

I like the easy shuffle that you hear in this song.  A quick brisk three count shuffle that maintains its shape throughout the song.  The syncopation emphasised in the guitar and drums helps to paint the picture of what we hear.  The thing that I like most about jazz songs is the way in which it tells a story and you're expected to be taken on this journey.  The first verse is normally the verse that gives us a subtle introduction that lays the foundation for the rest of the song to build variations upon.
When people have appeared out of nowhere to ask you if they have met you somewhere before, how do you normally react?  You might disagree or search features of their face and compare with the faces that sit in your archive of faces.

I've ordered some sunshine with showers
And I've got my scenery set
Right there with a thump our umbrellas gonna bump
And I say, "Yeah, yeah, pardon me, haven't we met?"

It makes me smile to think that when chance encounters happen, it is the introduction, or at least trying to secure an introduction that is the most difficult of all.  How many movies or romcoms have you seen that has our main protagonist trying to engineer an introduction or at least try to have themselves seen in a different light so that the object of their desire will finally notice them?  We might rely on friends who give us totally wrong advice

Accidents can happen
And into one I'm gonna slide
There's a good chance to get my hands
On a little romance when two hearts collide

How can you slide into an accident?
The bridge offers us a departure from the melodic and harmonic stability found in the verses or refrains (depending on how you look at it I guess).  Do you think about the times when chance encounters have blossomed into so much more?  I think all of my encounters have been that way.  Funny how in hindsight, things seem so much clearer, and maybe after a time, the other person is able to tell you exactly if the moment was engineered or not.  There never is really a right way to meet someone but never be afraid or freak out when a moment comes along.

And I know that's just how it happened
When Romeo met Juliet
Somewhere I've read that old Romeo said
"Pardon me, haven't we met?"

Probably the most famous chance encounter in history would have to be that of Romeo and Juliet.
The kind of love, star crossed lovers who weren't meant to fall in love, but did, and because of the depth of that love, made plans to be forever together, with fatalistic proportions.  I'm not suggesting that we haven't really loved in life at all even we haven't had such a fatalistic love either, because you don't need to have such drama play out at all, in fact, it can be as you and when you like, however you would like it to be, as long as the other party is willing.  There's nothing less attractive than being in a one-sided relationship on your own, trying to do all of the things that make a relationship work without any input from the other person that's supposed to be in it with you.

And I know that's just how it happened
When Romeo met Juliet
Somewhere I've read that old Romeo said
"Pardon me", oh, he said, "Pardon me"
He said, "Pardon me, haven't we met?"

I hope that wherever we find ourselves in our journeys, that we recognise opportunities when it crosses our paths.  Possible connections with human connections, well, meaningful ones anyway, are rare and precious indeed.  Being able to vibe out with someone and recognise how important they are in the fabric in your life will depend largely on your ability to stay in each other's worlds.  You might be the person that is the glue keeping everyone and everything together, or you might be the wanderer who prefers to work alone and complete things without having to answer to anybody.  However we choose to exercise our independence and freedom, can either be seen as an example for others to follow or an example for others to avoid.  I guess we never really need to know how anything happens, but just keep your ears attuned for the next time someone says "Pardon me, haven't we met?". . .