Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fresh eyes. . .

When you see me with fresh eyes, fresh eyes. . . 

I got these fresh eyes, never seen you before like this
My God, you're beautiful
It's like the first time when we open the door
Before we got used to usual

Are you uncomfortable with compliments?
It might be something that you struggle with, particularly if you don't like receiving compliments about your physical appearance and how you're dressed.  People read far too much into what you wear sometimes and if you do happen to change what you wear, it's totally up to you why you decide to do that.  Does there have to be a reason?  Can you just wear what you want because that's what you actually feel like wearing and that if wearing something that you don't usually wear attracts further attention, that's more about other people noticing you, because they've never really noticed you before.

It might seem superficial, stereotypical, man
You dress up just a little and I'm like "Oh. . . . damn"

Yes it is superficial and stereotypical.  People might compliment you on how flattering new clothes or outfits look on you because your body is changing too, because you've started to reclaim your health as your new form of wealth.  They may start to appreciate your taste in clothes and may even start to wonder if you've developed a fashion sense that they had never really noticed before?  I don't know how you feel about that.  You might have all the confidence in the world, but to be honest, I don't really like it.  Granted I know that it's important to look good to be presentable (especially for professional situations where you are leading from the front or guiding a process), and to wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable so that you can go about your day without wearing about what you're wearing.

So suddenly I'm in love with a stranger
I can't believe that she's mine
Now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes
So suddenly I'm in love with a stranger
I can't believe that she's mine yeah
Now all I see is you with fresh eyes, fresh eyes

Why do you see differently now?
What do your fresh eyes show you now that they didn't realise with your old eyes?
We may not be able to figure out why people see you differently.  Is it because they started to get to know you and once that happens, your facial features seem to etch themselves into their memory.  They might start to take notice of how the sunlight falls on your hair.  The way you smile when you hear something that pokes fun at a private joke nobody else knows.  The way you fold your arms as a way to stop yourself from engaging in an argument with someone.  What things do you notice with your fresh eyes?  

Appreciation, well, it comes and it goes
But I, I'll ride that wave with you
It's human nature to miss what's under your nose
'Til you, 'til you remind a fool

Who will you let ride that wave with you?
Are you that somebody right underneath somebody else's nose?  
We might miss noticing things or people because we're not really looking.  We might take people for granted and always think so little of them, not on purpose, just that you don't see them in a certain way, you see them in a specific way that is confined, constrained and contradictory to what you now find yourself presented with.  It's human nature though right?  What fools need reminding in your life?  You might not even need to remind a fool that explicitly.  Just be who you are and just watch the rest fall into place.  Fools rush in where angels fear to tread . . . 

Maybe all of this is simple

My heart's unconditional, yeah
You dress up just a little and I'm like "Oh . . . damn"

We can often make things more difficult than they need to be.
We think far too much, too often or sometimes even too little about what needs to be done.  
What does it mean to have an unconditional heart?  If you can show people what having an unconditional heart means - it's to be able to forgive when you don't want to, it's to be able to love people when they don't deserve your love.  On the flip side when you look at the official music video for this track, seeing people through fresh eyes means that you should be finding the beauty in others, irrespective of where they come from, what they look like.  I think if we spend more time scratching beneath the surface, we would be able to reveal some rare gems, some gold nuggets of people that we realise that doesn't need dressing up, but just a long, good, look.

If I could bottle this up, bottle, bottle this up, I would

I would bottle this up, bottle, bottle this up, I would
'Cause you're gorgeous in this moment
If I could bottle this up I would . . . 

I hope that you can bottle up your own goodness, greatness, hotness, gee, whatever people start to see in you with their fresh eyes.  We would want to bottle this up because to be able to take around and carry with you that type of beauty, that level of sweetness, the way that bottle can give you some sense of comfort by having it near, it's all human nature.  I encourage you to be gorgeous in every moment that you are in.  You never know who will be watching you with their fresh eyes. . .