Sunday, 23 April 2017

Celestial. . .

That special place where earth meets heaven. . . 

I've been having lots of conversations with friends - old and new lately and it's been a trying time for all of them in many ways, many different ways.  When we go through such times, we might like to think that we want to escape our current reality and go live somewhere else that takes us away from our problems, from being trapped in something that we don't want to be in, to have a break from a life that is just non-stop.  I sometimes feel like I'm stuck on a merry go round that I can't get off because people insist on pushing it faster and faster to give me some cheap thrill that I didn't ask for.  I guess I just want to get off the ride and have some peace and quiet somewhere and think about nothing that brings stress or anything or anyone that constantly demands time or attention from me.  Is that so much to ask?

Oh, what a marvellous sight
Oceans turn to gold right before my eyes
That vibrant colour I crave
Wish I could taste
Take me there, take me there

I wonder what marvellous sights I will see in this place.
Is that golden horizon as elusive as it seems to be?  Why do we keep ourselves in dark places that threaten to seep itself into our pores when we aren't looking?  I was in Wellington recently and an old friend spoke to me about my recent blog posts.  He said, I see all the love blog posts you've been putting up and I think aw I hope you're ok and how difficult it must be to have lost love in your life.  I was slightly taken aback as I wasn't expecting such a statement, but it did make me think about what I have been blogging about.  I guess I write blog posts about songs that move me and songs that make me lose myself in their music, in its celestial nature if you will.  I wasn't angry about what he said but just intrigued about his offering of pity or sympathy that showed me he cared.  I wasn't expecting it that's all.  When I thought about it later, it made me chuckle.  I don't know why exactly, it just did.

I'll dive in the sky, oh the water's alive
I'll float down to soak in the stars
Swim away from the night, I am swallowed by light
Suddenly love doesn't seem very far

I sometimes think to be in love, you must be consumed in light.
I mean, this must be what strangers or work colleagues see in you but can't explain when they see you floating around the place.  Is it a bad thing?  Sometimes people say inappropriate things to you at work because they think they are trying to help and trying to show that they care, but to each their own.  If we can, as much as we can, swim away from the night as much possible because if we let darkness permeate our minds, it makes us second guess ourselves, steals precious time that we could be spending enjoying life, making plans to live our best lives and just be.

Here in this castle that sits on a cloud
Something consumes this heart, rooted deep down
Now slowly I'm falling but I don't need saving
You'll already got me, you've already got me

When you spend so much time saving others in your life, you start to question whether in fact you're the one that needs saving.  But no.  You quickly realise that as hard as life seems and how difficult the challenges seem to be  - that they are as insurmountable as people who don't know would have you believe; the truth is, they could never walk in your shoes.  It amuses me when I think that people think they have you pegged, have you all figured out and label you in a certain way because it makes them feel a sense of power to box you in.  If you think you need saving, go and locate someone who is willing to save you.  I would like to think that I don't rely on people to save me, but even if I did ask them to save me, it isn't often.  Do you know who has you?  Who has saved you already?  Do they know that they've saved you?  Don't forget to acknowledge and thank people who have saved you, been there for you when you least expected anybody to recognise you needed such support.

I'll dive in the sky, oh the water's alive
I'll float down to soak in the stars
Swim away from the night, I'm swallowed by light
Suddenly love doesn't seem very far
Take me there, take me there. . . 

I hope that you realise that when it is time for you to shine, that you shine as brightly as you can while soaking in those stars.  There might be others who will want to dim your light, but don't get mad.  Just remember that these people have been placed in your life to show you how bright your light really, to help you see the contrast that exists against their darkness.  Is it no wonder then they in the act of them trying to snuff out your light, that they just can't help being drawn to it in the first instance?  It's a bit of a catch 22 isn't it?  For them anyway, not for you.  People may want to willingly cause you harm but then come to realise that you are much more valuable as an ally than as an enemy.  I hope that in spite of all the obstacles that seem to be thrown in your path, just know that love doesn't seem very far at all.  We're talking about that special place where love is born and tries to get to you.  Don't be afraid of love and never be afraid of your light.  It's beautiful, bright and celestial.  And as you know, the celestial glow is blinding. . .