Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Take it all. . .

Think twice before you let him take it all. . . 

Adele finished her 15 month world tour in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand and it was the best concert I have ever been to.  There were so many things to take in, the weird and wonderful opportunity of finding some local male singers to sing as the male chorus for "Skyfall" and just being there to soak it all in with my high school chum.  Another high school friend was gutted that she didn't get tickets, but in the end I got a complimentary ticket for my work sourcing the choir, so she was able to attend as well - even if she was seated in the opposite side of the stadium.

Didn't I give it all?
Tried my best
Gave you everything I had, everything and no less
Didn't I do it right?
Did I let you down?
Maybe you got too used to having me 'round
Still how can you walk away
From all my tears
It's gonna be an empty road without me right here
But go on and take it, take it all with you
Don't look back at this crumbling fool
Just take it all with my love, take it with all my love

Have you been in a relationship where you just give everything all the time?
I often wonder how people can survive in relationships like that.  Giving everything and not keeping at least a little something for themselves.  The intimate nature of the piano and the voice gives the listener more access to hear the agony heard in the voice, the sparseness of the accompaniment also reminds me of the fact that yes, he has taken everything and all you're left with is your voice and the chordal accompaniment of the piano.  If you always find yourself in these situations - why do you continue to play that role?  Why do you let him take everything?  Is it because you're so used to him taking it all, you're so used to giving it all, that you don't know any other way to be?  Don't you have friends or sisters that can step in and take you away, because you're not "about that life", because there isn't really any kind of life that allows you to put yourself last, every single time.  Why do we punish ourselves in this way?  We all know that anything worth having isn't easy to come by.  Why should we cry when he leaves anyway?  Even if he takes his love with him, just remember to keep a little love for yourself so you can help that to grow when you need to.

Maybe I should leave, to help you see
Nothing is better than this and this is everything we need
So is it over?
Is this really it, you're giving up so easily
I thought you loved me more than this

It is always hard to let go.
Is it really bad if love leaves your life, leaves him and leaves you too?
Maybe it was love once, but things change with time, you changed, he changed, life changed.
It takes some strong people to admit when things don't work anymore.  It takes strong people to know when to let go, to relinquish their hold over things or people that no longer want to be held.  So what do you do?  Let yourself be held by those who want to hold you.  Allow yourself to be loved in ways that you never dreamed possible, in ways that you deserve.  Who knows where that will come from, or when, just know that you should no longer wonder why someone stops loving you, or when you stopped loving them - just know that they can take it all.  Change the fact that you thought he loved you more than this, just love yourself more for once.

But go on, go on take it all with you
Don't look back at this crumbling fool 
Just take it with all my love, take it with all my love

Sometimes all people need is a nudge in the right direction to know how much they can take from you right?  When you give an inch do they take a mile?  Are you happy to be taken from all the time?  When we reach the end of our rope, we might just let people take it all from us.  Because they think if they take it all, that we will be left with nothing.  There are selfish people like that in the world aren't there?  They would still look at you even if you thought yourself to be a crumbling fool because they are just drawn to you, so envious of what they perceive to be a perfect life, that you are such a success and they don't know how else to treat you, but mistreat you.

I will change if I must
Slow it down and bring it home, I will adjust
Oh if only, if only you knew
Everything I do, is for you

The bridge explores other harmonic progressions that are absent in the verse and the chorus, before the piano takes over at the end with a short interlude before playing the final chorus.  When you want to hold onto love, you think that you have to change in order to keep it.  But what if you don't need to?  What if love isn't about trying so hard at all?  I guess it depends on the situation you're in.  Whether you make a choice to hold on or let go, it also depends on the history of the love that you've had or not.  Wouldn't it be nice for a change if someone else did everything for you, for once?

But go on, go on and take it, take it all with you
Don't look back at this crumbling fool
Just take it, take it all with you
Don't look back at this crumbling fool
Just take it all, with my love
Take it all with my love
You take it all with my love

I hope that you'll realise that when people fall in love, they are only fools for a short time.
Well, it just depends on who thinks what fools look like really doesn't it?
I hope that you can appreciate what it means to be gracious, because you have always been for so long.  Nobody is perfect though, and we all have our crosses to bear or rivers to cross, and relief and respite does come along. . . should come along when you most need the rest, but not before then.  Take it all with you.  There might be things from me that you think you need, but I no longer need.  So take it all with my love, you take it all with my love. . .