Friday, 24 March 2017

Magic what she do. . .

When you need to remember, it's magic what she do. . . 
Blog post dedication to +Fetaui Iosefo 

She gave him a melody to sing
Gave him a special flavour
She speaks in the languages of loving
He's an illiterate reader
She don't mince words
Gotta let love in sometime
We could make a great team

People may start taking you for granted and not really know or appreciate the magic that you do.
What melodies do you offer to the world, to show them what melodies you sing?  Often we think that our melodies are not worth sharing but then we remember that if we are prepared to really think about and uncover the source of our happiness, what lies deep within, then we wouldn't spend our entire day trying to convince ourselves that we have no magic, that what do does not have magic attached.  Have you had people say to you that they can't help but notice, that you are able to read their minds or know the exact thing to say when they need to hear it, even if they don't want to hear it?  People like us don't mince words.  No matter you hear people say, gees, it's magic what she do. . . 

And with the scream of the limelight
Learn to forget your failure
The heart of a practical dreamer
Darling he'll never fail ya
Promises of giving his soul intention
Promises a-plenty

The limelight affords you the opportunity to shine just as much as the opportunity to be exposed, so be prepared to have your life placed under intense scrutiny and to have people try to push themselves into places where they don't belong.  Why do people do this to you?  Is it because they don't know how to create their own limelight?  Why is the limelight screaming in the first place?  Is it because it notices that even when you try to escape it, the limelight screams out for your return?  Do you know many practical dreamers in your life?  I think I seem to attract these types of people.  I guess it's nice to have people around you who have dreams and ambitions, goals and desires that make sense to you.  What promises do you hope will win out in the end?  I guess there's only one way of knowing; it's all a matter of choice.

'Cos it's magic what she do
(Magic what she do)
Celebrate (yeah)
'Cos it's magic what she do
(Magic what she do)
Love - don't think twice
(Magic what she do)

You only know it's magic because you can't explain it.  So who needs to know how she does something, how I do something, how you do something?  I think we just need to celebrate the magic that is all around us.  For however little time we might not even know we have it, for however long we think that we will have it.  Who knows what magic we are capable of doing, if we continue to hide it deep down inside us, trying to suppress it from escaping.  For some of us, we can never hope to hide it if we tried.  Our magic is just meant to be out there doing its thing and being free.

And with a melody to sing
How could I feel a failure?
Hope is a heavenly spring
Bouncing you back a favour

It's important for all of us to have a melody to sing.
A melody could be anything that you need to hold onto, like something that shines only from you and is unique to you.  It could be something that people envy and wish that they had, but only because the way that you bend that melody, make it rise and fall at will, give it tone and colour with how you pain that melody, makes you a master of it; it's a melody that only you know and only you can play in the perfection that you can produce with a melody that is all your own.  I think as much as we go through really difficult situations and wish that we were able to bypass all of the horrible things in life, we must remember that there cannot be light without dark, there cannot be heavy without light,  there cannot be joy without sorrow and we must remember that what we do, despite our good intentions, might not be perceived that way by others.

She don't mince words
You gotta let love in sometimes
We could make a real team
And on-sing a together song
Find each other's rhythm
And we'll dance 'till we can't walk

People who mince words spend far too much time trying to hide what they're really trying to say.
I think the more honest you can be with yourself, you can be more honest with others.
There is a difference to being rude and seeming abrupt, but I think if you allow yourself to shine with others, they will be able to distinctly tell the difference and discern what it means to be hurt by you or accidentally knocked down when you are oblivious to your surroundings.  Are you an expert in finding the rhythm of others?  Why don't you listen carefully so that you can fit your melody to their rhythm?  I guess that's one way we can collaborate authentically with others. so that we can start to begin a song that we can only play with each other.  I guess that's when you know you're ready to let love in sometimes too.

Like that pendulum that swings
It's amazing what love brings
Little boy - little girl
Play to the rhythm of the world
(Magic what she do)
Promises a plenty
Litte boy - little girl
(Magic what she do)
And magic, magic
Magic what she do. . . 

I hope that we find the significance of magic in everything we do.  I have a friend who I call the Polynesian Polly Anna because she never sees the bad in anybody - she rarely ever does, and that's a rare thing indeed.  I agree with her wholeheartedly when there are justifiable instances where it is important to stand up for yourself and for others who are unwilling to or feel ill-equipped to stand on their own, so you must stand for them.  She definitely doesn't mince words!  I hope that people come to know about the magic that you do.  Because you already know about the magic in what I do.  I'm just looking forward to seeing the magic that we do . . .