Monday, 6 March 2017

Everyone's waiting. . . Anna Ternheim. . .

What are people waiting for?

They were few
Those who moved me
Somehow it confused me
Threw me off my feet to the ground

It is very rare to come across people who move you in life.
They may mean to do it on purpose, by accident, or may not even be aware that they're moving you, or moved you - unless you tell them of course.  When you get thrown for a loop because someone has moved you, why has that happened?  Was it like a huge jolt to the system that something has finally clicked into place?  Were you able to make the connections for yourself and make sense of what they have shared in order to gain some other deeper insight for yourself?  These are the types of people that you need to attract into your life because they are the people that are meant to help precipitate some action, agitate and inspire some change in you that only you can act upon, should you choose to do so.  For some part, I think we don't pay attention to people enough and recognise what it is that they do for, what they mean to you and what impact they can have on your life.  If everyone matters, why is everyone waiting?

Once it's done
Then you lay on your back
Stripped of illusions
Read a few names in the stars

What is it that we are waiting to be done?
You might feel that things are being done to you, that you have no control over, because nobody is actually even really listening to what you have to say.  Is this why you lay on your back?  You've had enough of fighting and are now just prepared to just lie back and wait for it to pass.  Wait for the illusions to finally fall from your eyes and seek clarity in the stars, because you find no substance, nothing tangible in this realm.

Maybe I waited for you
Maybe you waited for me
Everyone's waiting for someone to save them

With all of this waiting around, it's a wonder that anything gets done.
The more pragmatic and practical of those amongst us will find no solace in those people who either drag us down, distract us from what we are meant to be doing.  Is it all part of some elaborate test that we don't know we needed to study for, like some pop quiz that your most hated teacher always springs on you, not because they want to see how much you've learned in their class, but more to do with enjoying what it means to torture you and see you in your anguish.

They were few
Those who fooled me
Somehow it amused me
We derailed, got out of hand

Are you the type of person that gets fooled quite easily?  Maybe when we let down our guard we allow people to see what's really inside us; but there's always this sense of not knowing whether if you choose to reveal too much, it becomes exactly that; just too much and once it's done, you can't take things back.  You can't take back things that you say.  What amuses you now?  We might get pushed to the edge far enough and forget ourselves long enough to be derailed and let things get out of hand.  If you let that happen to yourself, who will be there to save you?  Did you get pushed to edge by the same person you let fool you?

Maybe I waited for you

Maybe you waited for me
Everyone's waiting for someone to break them

You might be waiting for someone to push you to breaking point.
Why do you allow this to happen?  Do you think this is what you deserve in your current life?  Is this the reality that you have created for yourself?  Is this what life is like now?  When we have decided that we are done waiting for others, when we have decided that they are done waiting for us, this might be when our breaking point is reached.  

Maybe I waited for you
Maybe you waited for me
Everyone's taking, no use escaping
Everyone's waiting for someone to save them

I hope that we understand what it means to wait.
Depending on the situation, we don't know whether waiting can be a good thing, or a good thing.
If people take so much from you, it might be an opportunity to step back and think about not making yourself as available, not allowing others to take so much from you that you are no longer as abundant with your generous gifts, time or energy.  If everyone is waiting for someone to save them, who will save you?  Time for you to save yourself, because it's about time you realised that you shouldn't have been waiting for anybody else; you've been waiting on yourself to put yourself first for a change.  It's time to stop everyone waiting for someone to save them. . .