Wednesday, 1 February 2017

One . . .

This blog post is dedicated to all of us, because now more than ever, we must be one. . . 

Billions live their lives
Now Mohammed, Krishna, or the Buddha are the way
Still some believe it's right to say
In the name of Jesus when you pray

We are a humankind of seven billion
So many different races and religions
And it all comes down to one

It has been really difficult to watch global news lately.  I can't understand why people are being persecuted because of who they choose to worship.  I was raised a Christian and still practise the rites within this religion.  I have friends from all different types of religion and I have always been fascinated to learn about their beliefs and hearing them explain how they serve their higher being and why they believe.  Although people can debate about which one is the "true religion", that has never really been a focus for me.  Instead I marvel at the beauty of these beliefs, because I see in the eyes of those believers, how they have been touched by Mohammed, Allah, Krishna, Buddha or God.

Some say God's a Him
Still many believe that He is a Her
Does God live in our hearts?
Or is She sometimes out there in the universe

I've been taught to believe that God is a Him.  But I think He incorporates both genders and no genders simultaneously.  He can be nurturing and caring like a Her, equally on par with all the stereotypical male qualities as well.  When you think about God does gender play a factor at all?  As part of the Holy Trinity, knowing God as the Father means that as the head of the household, of your household, rely on Him to guide you in all major decision making, as the Son, rely on Him to be who you care for like you would your own child and as the Holy Spirit, know that you will take Him with you wherever you go.  Surely this is how you would know if God lived in your heart?  Even throughout your day when at your lowest, She may be out there waiting for you and you will recognise Her in the faces of people you meet.

How far will we have to go before we learn the lesson?
Gandhi was a Hindu
Martin Luther King a Christian
Regardless of religion, they knew love was the mission
And it all comes down to one

With some luminary visionaries of previous generations, who do we have to rely on to show us the lessons that we must learn?  Is love the mission in your life?  If it isn't, it should be.  I'm not referring to the romantic love that automatically springs to mind.  I'm talking about the love that you have for your fellow man, fellow woman, fellow human being that may be going through far greater struggles that you will never know.  Why?  Because despite how stories are reported to us, we must not only question how much of it is true, but we must also check whether what we are seeing will not only be our first world problems, but will in fact have mass global impact that may severely impact generations to come, generations that we may never live long enough to see and generations that will look back and blame us for not acting in their best interests, right now.

Is there no God at all?
Or a pantheon of gods up in the sky
We can heal our broken hearts
If we give up the desire to be right

I have slowly been learning that if the mission is love, then being right isn't the sole purpose of this mission.  I am letting go of what I have always thought to be right, to give up the desire to be right, but instead focus on what is right for everyone.  What are the best outcomes for the people that trust us to do right by them and to help them?  We sometimes forget that even though we may not know all of the people in the world, but all of our actions, or lack of action can have an impact on the rest of the world, just as their actions or lack of action has an impact on the rest of us.  How can we heal our broken hearts?  We need to fix these broken hearts in order to maintain our focus on our mission of love.

We are a humankind of seven billion
So many different races and religions
And we all want the same things
Health, Love, Prosperity and Peace
Tolerance is the seed
And the gift of pure acceptance is the tree

We need to see the end result in our minds so that we stay motivated to make things happen.  It is scary to think that all of the things that we take for granted, our basic human rights, are not coming under fire, coming under scrutiny, all because greed has become the seed and the gift of pure wealth is the tree.  I now know that money does grows on trees, because greed is the seed from whence it came.  No wonder health, love, prosperity and peace find it hard to grow.  Prosperity in this sense to me means lands of plenty that yield food to feed so many.  Setting political parties and religious differences aside - don't we all want the same things?  Why are things more complicated than they have to be?

Whether you are brown, yellow, black or white
Man with a husband or a woman with a wife
We can debate until the end of time who is wrong or right
Or we can see ourselves as one
Cause it all comes down to love

I hope we can figure out in time what would it take to bring us altogether.
What common causes can we work collectively and stand up together for so that we can agree that our humanity is not only important to preserve, but that if we let the wrong things cloud our judgement and take centre stage, we lose sight of what we need to do not only for ourselves, but for others, for all of us.  Because even if we feel like we can't do anything on our own, because we are only one, if love remains our mission, all we need to do is see ourselves as one, cause it all comes down to love. . .