Monday, 20 February 2017

Fruitcake. . .

For all the fruitcakes out there. . . you know who you are. . .
Liana Vaipa-Rice - child of one of my closest high school friends - love your music niecey xx

Yeah woah ooh hmm
I'm a little bit of a hermit
I enjoy the solitude
With my family by my side I find comfort
Within the four walls of my room
I see enough of people everyday
Different types in every way
And I adore them but my spare time is meant for you

There's nothing wrong with a little solitude.
If you can't be with yourself, on your own, it needs to be something that you need to work on.  In the stillness you'll be able to figure out who you are and reflect on things that you've done and what you've said, how you feel about life right now and how you interact with others.  Are you able to rely on your family for the comfort that you need, with family members who are able to pick you up when you need them in your corner rooting for you when the rest of the world seems to be against you?  If you're a social introvert, you might like hanging out with people but at the end of the day you might want some time to recharge your batteries and take stock of what you've achieved throughout your day.  What do you do with your spare time?  Reflecting with a higher being may be a way for you to help make decisions that plague you during your waking hours.

Only all I see when I'm tucked up snug in my sheets
All I breathe is the love you give to me
Won't you stay, won't you stay a little longer
While my heart awakes to the soothing of your voice
Won't you hold me close in your arms tonight
In the safety of my dreams
I let you come to me with eyes closed
Mind open, oh oh, mind open, oh oh, mind open, mind open

What do you see when you close your eyes?
Depending on how I'm feeling I can see a whole myriad of things.  They could be memories of things that have happened from my past, or something as recent as earlier in the day or potential scenarios of situations that are yet to occur.  Being able to breathe in love when you need it (even when you don't think you need it, nobody can survive without it, let's be honest) can make all the difference to knowing how love can work in your life.  If you are able to keep your mind open and allow things to come to you, whether you have summoned them or not, you will be able to see more with your eyes closed, than you would with your eyes open.  I really believe in the idea of having your eyes closed, but an open mind.

I'm a little bit of a fruitcake
Range from vanilla to chocolate sauce 
Add some coconut milk for good measure
And a big heart for the cross
I'm amazed by Him everyday
He speaks to me in every way
And I adore him but my spare time is meant for Him only

Are you a little bit of a fruitcake?
You might have so many different flavours that are part of your genetic makeup, but you could also choose how those different flavours taste depending on whatever other condiments you choose to add.  What's in your mix?  I think if you are able to find ways to feel comfortable with you are, what your flavours are and what tastes people should come to expect from you, there should be no major problems that you should face in life.  However, I do feel that people of colour experience so much more discrimination because of the their skin colour, and even my own friends of the fairer persuasion and the milky complexion, will never really be able to walk in my shoes, but they want to learn and that's a huge difference.  That's all the difference in the world right?  The fact that you should be able to want to learn about others, to understand people who are different to you, to understand how despite our differences, we are more the same than ever.  This is what I hear the most from Him when I devote my spare time to Him only.  Make a difference in the world to bring people together, rather than separated from His love.  Easy to say but hard to do right?  That remains the challenge I am willing to take on board for Him.

All I see, when I'm tucked up snug in my sheets
All I breathe is the love you give to me 
Won't you stay, won't you stay a little longer
While my heart awakes to the soothing of your voice
Won't you hold me close in your arms tonight
In the safety of my dreams
I'll let you come to me with eyes closed

I think in the times when I have needed to hear the soothing of His voice, it has come to me when I have been able to close my eyes and open my mind.  When I use my human ears to hear Him, it isn't enough.  But I am able to push my mind up towards heaven, together with my heart and my soul and see far more than my human eyes could ever contain.  Dreams are a great space in which to receive messages from Him.  There are never more calming moments than when you are able to get a good night's sleep and hear Him speak through you and to you so that your heart stays focused on fulfilling His promise.  What are you willing to do for yourself and others when your eyes are closed and your mind is open?

Now I'm standing here
Begging for you to come
Won't you come save me right now
Feel my heart beat like a drum
My spirit's good I'm a lioness
A royal born from the dark you believe
I believe in you, so come and save me right now

Even when I stand in all my weakest of times, I will not hide who I truly am.
We need to remember that if we don't feel comfortable being vulnerable in front of others, we only need to trust who we can feel that we can be vulnerable with.  Trust and faith are really hard concepts to master, within oneself and also to be placed in others.  Do you surround yourself with good people that you trust and have faith in?

I hope that the times when your heart beats like a drum, that the rhythm is able to calm itself and keep you steady when you are faced by obstacles and challenges that make you question your beliefs and values.  I also hope that learning to have faith in yourself too, is something that you are able to take away from having someone believe in you.  In the event that you fall or need some respite, you only need to call out.  He hears you the most when you cry won't you stay a little longer while my heart awakes, won't you hold me . . .