Sunday, 19 February 2017

Four seasons in one day. . .

When one day feels four seasons all at once. . . 

Four seasons in one day
Lying in the depths of your imagination
Worlds above and worlds below
The sun shines on the black clouds hanging over the domain

What do you feel or see in the depths of your imagination?  It might feel like you can't make sense of what your emotions put you through in one day.  Maybe you're trying to control your emotions so much that you forget what you are meant to be feeling.  This is because you put restrictions on yourself so much in order to control what is bursting to resist being contained in your skin.  We become more conscious of what is above us, what lies below us.  Our sense of depth perception may become skewed by activities or events that throw us off centre.  How are you prepared to deal with us and how does the sun look hanging over the domain?

Even when you're feeling warm
The temperature could drop away
Like four seasons in one day

What warmth you felt may disappear as quickly as it arrived.  Why does warmth escape us so rapidly just when we need it the most?  Sometimes what we want and what we need doesn't match up.  What are you prepared to do in order to survive four seasons in one day?  What do you do when you are hot and need to be cooled down straight away?  How are we able to adjust our body temperatures so that we are at our most comfortable?

Smiling as the shit comes down 
You can tell a man from what he has to say
Everything gets turned around
And I will risk my neck again, again

How often do you put your neck out for someone? You might be willing to take the risk, especially if you think you see the benefits of what it means to really do good for someone else, for others on a regular basis, because you know that you have gifts and talents that need to be shared with them.  I often think about not so much about what people say, but more about how they say it.  Tone is everything.  The facial expressions that accompany what they say, the tone of their voice, the hand gestures they make - it's all relative or it's all relatively connected.  Just depends really.

You can take me where you will
Up the creek and through the mill
Like all the things you can't explain
Four seasons in one day

How many explanations for various things have you been given?
When someone chooses to take you on a journey, they can either take the scenic route or take you straight to the destination.  If they take the scenic route, it's because they want to share landmarks with you and have some knowledge about those landmarks that they want to share with you, to show how much they know about their own surroundings if not the wider world.  Another explanation could be that the scenic route is preferable when they want to delay the inevitable and choose not to go straight to the destination.  Preferring instead to just be able to spend time with you and look at beautiful things together.  Sometimes we don't need to explain ourselves in those moments.  Just being near each other is fine.

Blood dries up
Like rain, like rain
Fills my cup
Like four seasons in one day

What blood have you spilled to be here?  Does your cup overflow with blessings or burdens?  When we go through difficult times, we need to remember that they don't last forever.  When I think there being four seasons in one day, it reminds me of the weather here in Auckland, where you think for sure it will be a sunny day and then it starts to pelt down with rain later in the day.  Sometimes we can't rely on weather forecasts, because they almost seem not to be as reliable as they used to be.  Is this because of global warming?  What other external influences affect the weather at your place?

It's doesn't pay to make predictions
Sleeping on an unmade bed 
Finding out wherever there is comfort there is pain
Only one step away
Like four seasons in one day

Wherever there is comfort there is pain.
No truer words could be spoken.
The duality of how things are in this world lead us to think that just when we think we are in some kind of space, the rug can be pulled out from beneath us and we're not so surefooted about where we are.  If we become familiar with the knowledge that everything we have is fleeting, that everyone we know will soon disappear because nothing is meant to last in this earthly realm, then wouldn't that make you think that much more about the decisions that you make about the choices that are on offer?  What if you aren't happy with the choices that you are faced with. Can you create your own choices?  Can you create your own outcomes.  I think we sometimes forget that we have the power to create as much of what we want for ourselves, for ourselves.  We must remember that everything that we have ever wanted can change in the blink of an eye.  It could all change simply as only one step away, like four seasons in one day. . .