Monday, 9 January 2017

Something beautiful. . .

When you need to be reminded of all the beauty that you forget you have. . . 

You are stronger than you know
Oh, you're something beautiful

What do you when you are faced with self doubt and not knowing whether you are entitled to achieve goals in your life that others think you can't?  When you don't think that you deserve to be loved when everyone else around you seems to fall in and out of love so easily while you wait patiently?  You might be going through a slump despite it being a new year and you're wondering what you should be focused on, and rather, you're focused on all of the negative feelings that always threaten to drag you down.  Why do we do that to ourselves?  Talk ourselves out of the good things in life that we can enjoy, because we so totally can.  We are beautiful and stronger than we know.

Know you're hurting and you feel like all is lost
Heart is burning from the love that's been cut off
But daylight comes in and time for you is all I got
And I promise you'll get through this, you can do this
Because all that you need
Is a little room to breathe

When you find yourself in a situation where you are hurt or it seems like your world is ending, it's important to know that this time will not last long.  It only lasts as long as it needs to in order for you to assess what you need to learn from it, pick yourself back up from the floor, then move through it.  I have found that trying to ignore hard times and being in denial doesn't help you build up resistance to future heartache and pain.  In fact, you do yourself a disservice by not acknowledging that plateau that you have reached and staying in denial means that you choose to delay the progress that you are meant to be experiencing to get you where you need to be.

Breathe in and let it go oh,
Your tears are not for nothing
Let them fall off
In every teardrop there is something beautiful oh,
You are stronger than you know oh
Oh you're something beautiful

If you're not a fan of crying, I suggest you take it up.
Real men cry and I've cried with real men about real issues that they have faced in their lives and they have been better off for it.  There is something lethargic about releasing emotions through tears and crying with people who feel empathy and understand what you are going through.  When people try to come up with words to make you feel better, that's not really what's required.  All you need is someone who is willing to sit there and listen to what you're saying and just hug you or give you a box of tissues to help you blow your nose or wipe those tears away.

Fighting shadows, in a game that you can't win
Losing battles in a war under your skin
It's just a blessing in disguise 
Without darkness there is no light
Just hold on a little longer, and I promise you'll get through this

When you believe the worst things about yourself, particularly when they are things that you might have done in the past which has made you think that you aren't worthy of success and happiness - then you know that you are your own worst enemy.  When we allow the hurtful words of others and allow their Machiavellian efforts to dissuade us from what we need to do, to allow people to malign you in public forums in an effort to tarnish your professional reputation; you just need to remember that your success and achievements will always attract as many haters as appreciators.

Can't feel the love without the pain
The sun wouldn't matter without the rain
You're not required to carry the weight 
So let it go, here's my hand to hold
At the end of it all, there's a smile for you waiting so

As much as we don't like bad things to happen in our lives, they are a necessary evil (excuse the dichotomy pun) because without it, we wouldn't know what good things feel like in contrast, to transition out of, to aspire to regain and to adopt new perspectives that make us feel better than we did.  I think we need to stop beating ourselves up and let go of issues that drive us mental, take over our headspace and stop us from functioning to our full potential.  Once we go down that rabbit hole, we might find ourselves in an endless warren struggling to get back out.  So it's important to breathe and think about next steps to get to a new place, to restore your faith in yourself and the goodness that you can put out for others as well as receiving the blessings that are meant for you.

You're something beautiful
You're something beautiful baby and you believe that yeah
You deserve it all
Don't let them tell you you're not
Just give it all you got 
Cause you're more than enough
You're something beautiful

I hope that you can take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and see what I see.
There are many more adventures that are meant for you, more things to explore and more people to meet that you can work alongside to make more meaningful contributions to this world.  Even if you have to be around people that you wouldn't normally want to be around, because philosophically you're opposed to what they represent, you just need to make the most of the situation and hopefully through your character traits, you can influence them to see what's best for everyone, rather than them entertaining their own self-interests.  These aren't just words that I offer up for you.  I also look at myself in the mirror and say them to myself.  We are all, if we want to be, something beautiful. . .