Wednesday, 11 January 2017

I am free. . .

When you now know you're free. . . 

Once I was a prisoner

Lost within myself
With the world surrounding me
Wandering through the misery
But now I am free

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to cause self harm by torturing yourself with thoughts that threaten to overwhelm you and take over the sense of self that the world needs to celebrate.  I'm a huge fan of contemplation, meditation and reflection, but these things are no good if you are not able to share them with the world who needs to unite these days even more so than ever before, beyond what we could have ever imagined living in this day and age of divide, across ocean divides.  Why do we create misery for ourselves in this way?  Why do we imprison ourselves in our minds with negative thoughts that disable us from living our most authentic selves?  When we believe that we don't belong or cannot function in this world, cannot contribute to society, this is when we need to watch humanity a little more and remember what it is like to be a part of something greater than ourselves.  How do we do this?

You gave me a breath of life
Unclouded my eyes
With a sweet serenity
Lighting a ray of hope for me
And now I am free

Even if you don't believe in God, surely you must believe in something that is beyond ourselves that helps to guide what you do in your daily life.  Growing up in a Samoan Christian household has taught me beliefs and values from a colonial religion brought to my ancestors that has been passed down through generations.  There are also traditional Samoan beliefs of healing and medicine that we still adhere to in contexts that do not conflict with the aforementioned religious beliefs but that they are able to co-exist in a happy existence that enables me to live the life I enjoy.  In my moments of greatest pain, there inexplicably occurs moments of great joy, that I know comes from God and His angels that I know he sends to either protect me or angels that were originally land bound and He has taken to reclaim in His kingdom.  I honestly believe that no matter how bad things get, there is always good that comes.  If you are currently in a situation where a ray of hope seems the furthest from your reach, I encourage you to look deep within yourself and conjure up a memory of times when hope seemed far, but became attainable when you believed.  It is when we lose grasp on our faith in ourselves, in humanity and in God, that we will have truly lost hope for good.

Free to live
Free to laugh
Free to soar
Free to shine
Free to give
Free to love
Free enough to fly

How do you feel freedom in your life? When have you ever felt the most free to do any of the above?  I can say that I have experienced being free with people I care about the most, with people who don't care for me and being on my own in moments of contemplation.  The thing that we need to remember is that when we feel the pain and hurt that life's situations can so readily bring and give rise to the surface, that those are the opportunities where we can feel free to live, laugh, soar, shine, give, love and ultimately fly.  I have often had friends and colleagues ask me, how are you so resilient?  Why are you so strong?  I have given so many different answers to those questions, based on how I was feeling at the time I was asked.  But if I think quite deeply and honestly, the real answer to those questions can be boiled down to one main statement - it is because I have been weak, that I have been able to be strong again.  When we are down, we are never down for long.  When we are ready to rise and feel free enough, we will fly.

Once I was so all alone
Unsteady and cold
But your love rained down upon me
Washing away uncertainty

This is the crux of it really.  When you feel love from God or from the universe, whatever or whoever you subscribe to, you will experience no end of boundless love and joy that are not able to be contained by human measurements of time and space.  Things that seem like problems and issues in your life will pale in comparison to the love that will rain upon you when you need it the most.  What uncertainty you felt in your heart, that troubled your soul, that plagued your mind, will disappear.  You will wonder why you worried so much about those things, why you even entertained those thoughts and allowed them to steal the present; allowed them to steal the present that is the present time in your life, right now.  Unless you experience real pure unadulterated joy - and think carefully about this - imagine the greatest joy you have ever felt in your life - what occasion was that?  Now multiply that feeling by 24 hours and being in that constant state of joy your entire life.  Hard to believe?  There's no way anybody could ever feel that good ever?  I tell you - it can be done.  Suspend your disbelief and forget about what people would say if they saw you in this stupidly ridiculous state of joy - but just enjoy it for what it is.

But now
I am
Now oh now
I am free

Even though the current state of the world with all of its issues and problems may feel like there is no rays of hope for me and you, I don't think that we should dwell too much on the heartaches and the devastation.  I'm not saying that we should ignore it.  What I am saying is that there have been disasters that have happened, that we cannot change, let's look instead to what we can achieve together.  What can we collectively do together as people, standing together, arms linked, across the world to ensure that we make the right choices now that ensure the longevity of the human race on this planet?  I sometimes wonder, if there are other alien forms on other planets, whether they have the same issues and problems that we do?  Do they laugh at our #earthworldproblems and wish that we could snap out of it, wake up to ourselves and finally realise that we actually do have it good?  That we've been causing our own grief this whole entire time.  What if we've all been living our own Truman Show? What if Christof was right?  That "we accept the reality of the world with which we're presented.  It's as simple as that."  Is it really as simple as all that?  I just don't think we should lose how we can feel free to live, soar, laugh, shine, give and love.  Feeling these things help me to understand when I know I am free. . .