Thursday, 8 December 2016

Keep holding on. . .

For when you think you can't go on, keep holding on. . . 

You're not alone
Together we stand
I'll be by your side
You know I'll take your hand
When it gets cold
And it feels like the end
There's no place to go
You know I won't give in
No, I won't give in

They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I'm a firm believer of that.  I think the greatest lessons in life that we can learn come from when we have been hurt or injured.  Whatever good intentions may have been underlying all of the muck, there is still a thing called common sense or discretion that people can use if they only know to use it (but then if common sense were common, wouldn't we all have it?).  Do you have a support crew that you can go to?  Are they there for you no matter what?  There might be people that are drawn to you because they know that something has happened and it's weird because you might not have talked in ages but they know that something is wrong and get in touch.  Nothing like being able to read other people's minds or use that extra-sensory perception.  How do you use the gifts that you have within you to benefit others?

Keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through
We'll make it through
Just stay strong
'Cause you know I'm here for you
I'm here for you
There's nothing you could say
Nothing you could do
There's no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through
We'll make it through

For the people who have shown great loyalty to me, I have no hesitation in being loyal to them too.  What do you do when that loyalty is tested?  It might take some time and some real honest conversations in order for things to start to get to a place that is safe for everyone.  When you want the truth to prevail again, it might uncover some things that you have been unwilling to confront.  We go through life not wanting to get over difficult challenges, but the only way we can push on is to go through the pain.  Have you ever had moments where you don't know what to believe anymore?  It takes a lot of guts and inner strength to push past the drama of it all and seriously consider what needs to be done for your own salvation and someone else's redemption.  Just trust the process of your life's journey and know that things will be where they are meant to be.  To be strong and hold on, it might actually mean that we need to let go of all of the things that are holding us back.  What do you need to let go of to keep holding on?

So far away
I wish you were here
Before it's too late
This could all disappear
Before the doors close
And it comes to an end
With you by my side
I will fight and defend
I'll fight and defend yeah yeah

What are you prepared to fight for and defend?  It might take some time for you to have a serious think and reflect quite rigorously for yourself, just how passionate you are about the life you are meant to be living.  How do we know we are ready for what is to come?  I guess nobody really knows, because it is all about a test of our faith in ourselves and a test of our character.  What I find most fascinating about us as human beings is the constant change we undergo, yet we learn about each other enough to know the qualities that shine through and permeate everything that we do in life.  Do people really know what you need to do in order to hold on?  I know everyone has their own crosses to bear, but there's nothing worse than people trying to force you to carry their crosses too.  We must try and carry what we create in this world, but it seems that those lessons are lost on those who persist in pushing their woes and troubles onto others who seem to be able to carry more than their share.  Just because you're strong, it doesn't mean you have to say yes to the load right?

Hear me when I say, when I say I believe
Nothing's gonna change
Nothing's gonna change destiny
Whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

We can make promises to each other about how things will never change, but change happens on a daily basis.  It's the decisions that we make to ensure that we are able to manage or at least assist the change process so that we can accept what the newness means that comes with it.  Are we equipped to know the changes when they arrive?  I hope that you are prepared for what needs to work out for you perfectly.  We may not be able to see it right now, but we must always trust what is to come, even if we are fearful and anxious - it is part of what it means to live.  Whatever your destiny may be and where the roads in this life may lead you, I hope that no matter how bad things get, no matter how people continue to challenge you and push you to your limits, I hope and pray that you just keep holding on. . .