Wednesday, 28 December 2016

I knew you were waiting for me. . .

This blog post is a tribute to Carrie Fisher. . . 

Like a warrior that fights
And wins the battle
I know the taste of victory
Though I went through some nights
Consumed by the shadows
I was crippled emotionally

As I write this blog post, another legend has left this earthly plane, ready to join the stars that made her famous - Carrie Fisher.  Her light in this world extinguished just as we near the end of the year.  She had many battles and fights throughout her life that we have been lucky enough to read about in her writing or hear about in her various television interviews throughout the years.  When I think about her extraordinary life, with parents who have always been in the public eye, she really didn't have much of a choice but to join the family business.  She has talked about the struggles of being a woman, her bipolar disorder and has used her time being consumed by the shadows and being crippled emotionally to help others get through their own struggles.

Somehow I made it through the heartache
Yes I did, I escaped
I made my way out of the darkness, 
Kept my faith, I know you did
Kept my faith

Her love life had a lot of ups and downs, but when has anybody had smooth sailing in matters of the heart?  I think the adventures that people can have in love is totally dependent on how much you put into it, and how much you are prepared to lay your vulnerability down, to bare all; your heart, soul and mind to someone that you want to spend your life with.  When you escape relationships that no longer resemble the love that you thought you had, what do you do?  I guess the only thing you can do is keep the faith that when love is lost that it is because it has run its course and there will be people who will be there to support you once you accept that.

When the river was deep I didn't falter
When the mountain was high, I still believed
When the valley was low, it didn't stop me no no
I knew you were waiting, I knew you were waiting for me

I am a firm believer in understanding how we can tap into the deepest corners of ourselves and still coming out on top.  When we are able to conquer obstacles that come our way and get through to the other side, it might be because we had someone encouraging us who had already reached the other side before us.  Do you have a good enough support crew who is able to coax you along, keep you motivated and focused on where you need to spend your energy?  I think I have always been someone to wait for others and push them along to achieve their personal best.  Part of that is because they ask me to or I see something in others that needs to be realised.  Potential I think we call it.

With an endless desire, I kept on searching
Sure in time our eyes would meet
And like the bridge is on fire, the hurt is over 
One touch and you set me free

On the flip side though, when you are on a quest, you always think that you are spending time trying to find someone to accompany you.  But what if the person that was meant to be waiting for you, is actually just an elaborate journey of self discovery?  When we accept that the only thing all along that we have been waiting for is actually our inner selves to grow and blossom, to take the seeds that are planted deep inside during dark times that are now ready to bloom - then you can set yourself free.

I don't regret a single moment
Looking back
When I think of all those disappointments
I just laugh, I just laugh

We can never have any regrets.  We can play alternate endings over and over in our heads or even replay our favourite scenes which are now memories in our minds, but what is the purpose in looking back?  We should only look back to see how much we have grown and how far we have come.  We can laugh about things now that in the past would've been earth-shatteringly difficult to bounce back from, but we soon realise that there are better things and people to focus our energy on - namely yourself.  What disappointments do you continue to focus on?  Don't waste time and energy on what didn't work or what was taken away from you.  Instead laugh at those moments because we can transform those disappointments into laughter every time.

So we were drawn together through destiny
I know this love we share was meant to be
I knew you were waiting, I knew you were waiting
I knew you were waiting for me. . . 

I hope that are able to live your destiny.
As we come to the end of 2016, think about and reflect on what you have achieved or received.
Are you satisfied with how things have gone?  What more would you like to achieve or receive before we face the new year ahead?  I am grateful for the example of life shown by Carrie Fisher.  She has said some pretty cool things that I think as a woman will help me into the next phase of my life, the next decade of my life. She has once famously said "I don't want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art".  Thanks for the all of the wonderful memories Ms. Fisher.  I see you're now drowning in moonlight and strangled by your own bra.  I feel like we were drawn together through destiny. . .