Thursday, 29 December 2016

Freedom. . .

This blog post is a song request by Rachel Vaipa. . . 

Continuing with the tribute to George Michael this week (tomorrow I will feature a Debbie Reynolds track, still trying to make sense of her sudden passing as well!), this song is one that I remember from my childhood, not the music video, but definitely the song.  The 60s inspired track with the steady drum beat, the characteristic stepwise motion of the bass line in the verses which become more adventurous in the chorus with larger intervals, is complemented well by the horn section and background vocals.  Live performances will show female backup singers but the track features Michael on the vocals quite prominently.

Everyday I hear a different story
People say that you're no good for me
"Saw your lover with another and she's making a fool of you"

I don't know about you, but people can be overly curious about your relationship or some significant other in your life.  If you don't really show that side of yourself at your job because you choose to be professional and keep things separate, that's totally your prerogative.  If you're the type to openly mention and show pictures of your partner to all and sundry, then that's still totally your prerogative.  I guess it's when rumours come back to you that are circulating because people have set ideas about how your relationship should roll.  Of course, things may never be as black and white as they seem.  Nobody ever really knows what's going on in other people's lives, so just bear in mind what you may think you know, may in fact, be completely off the mark.  Who's the fool then?

If you loved me baby you'd deny it
But you laugh and tell me I should try it
Tell me I'm a baby, and I don't understand

When we don't come to an agreement about what the truth is in a relationship or connection, then we have actually arrived at an impasse.  The focus stays fixed on who is right rather than moving forward with any sort of progress and making strides (lengthen them if you wish), and working together to cherish the time well spent.  Instead we let ego get in the way, we play silly mind games and lose sight of the bigger picture - what are we actually trying to achieve here?  Will I be better off or worse in entertaining this relationship or connection? Accusations may continue to fly and you have a decision to make - whether to accept what you have been accused of or make efforts to rectify the situation and stand up for yourself.  Why do we waste time not being real and authentic?  Why do we hide our authentic selves?

But you know that I'll forgive you
Just this once, twice, forever
'Cause baby, you could drag me to hell and back
Just as long as we're together
And you do

Forgiveness once given, brings peace of mind to the giver, but also complete exoneration from the guilt that they should be carrying for actions taken that have created this dynamic of victim and oppressor.  What have you done when you have forgiven someone?  Have you let things slide and let things go back to some sort of easy way of being again?  Pick up where you left off?  Pretend that you didn't get trampled all over the show?  You might forgive. but you won't forget.  So it's important to remember that trust is something once lost, may take time to restore.  What are you prepared to do in order to regain the trust of someone who you value and know their worth?

I don't want your freedom
I don't want to play around
I don't want nobody baby
Part time love just brings me down
I don't need your freedom
Girl all I want right now is you

If you don't want their freedom, then what do you really want?  If you don't want them to spend every waking minute with you and yet you don't want them to play around either, how will this work?  Part time love, no matter how glamorous or exciting it might seem to be, is never as glamorous or exciting as people make it out to be.  There is an emptiness and vacant space where your heart is meant to operate while you are in that space.  How will you convince the object of your affection that you will be content with only just having them?  No strings attached and no other package deals put together?

Like a prisoner who has his own key
But I can't escape until you love me
I just go from day to day knowing all about the other boys
You take my hand and tell me I'm a fool to give you all that I do
I bet you someday baby someone says the same to you

I hope that you won't torture yourself too much with the seemingly overload of clarity that you are gaining in your life.  If you are a prisoner with your own key, then you are your own worst enemy aren't you?  Why do we do this to ourselves?  We tend to overthink, over complicate matters and make things worse for everyone affected.  Do we not think too much (or not enough) about what needs to be done, so that we can avoid situations like in the future?  When we accept our destiny for what it is and don't question or doubt it, we will be able to live in our present moments much more easily.  Why do we give all that we are to others?  It's human nature I guess.  It's what we do when we're in love.  And I bet you someday baby someone says the same to you. . .