Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Drag me down. . .

When somebody tries to show you up, just remember 'nobody can drag me down' . . . 

I've got fire for a heart
I'm not scared of the dark
You've never seen it look so easy
I got a river for a soul
And baby you're a boat
Baby you're my only reason

I've never been a One Direction but this track is one of the few tracks that I like from these boys.  If I think about all of the boy bands and r'n'b male groups that I enjoyed in my youth, they were a mixture of different groups like New Kids on the Block, New Edition, Backstreet Boys, Blackstreet, Color Me Badd, Jodeci, Boyz II Men plus so many others.  When we have both fire and water within us, I sometimes think that whichever element is stronger, the water either boils then evaporates or the fire gets put out.  We might even be hot or cold for whatever reason, dependent on the situation that we're in.  Who are the people that are the reasons for us doing what we do in life?

If I didn't have you there would be nothing left

The shell of a man who could never be his best
If I didn't have you, I'd never see the sun
You taught me how to be someone, yeah

Do you recall incidents where someone relied on you so much to do something that they would always willingly tell you how much you meant to them?  Did you teach someone so many things about themselves that they didn't realise they had, that they were unwilling to see or didn't have the eyes to see, but now things are completely different?  It might be taking you a while to process exactly how you are meant to feel when things change, and that's what change does, it modifies situations, it helps things to either disappear or appear, disintegrate or integrate.  You might find yourself in a weirdly unique space where you don't know where you stand with others in this situation, whether you want to be dragged down by their actions, or choose to rise above it.  What options do you have?  I often wonder whether people really understand ramifications of actions much anymore.  They don't really consider things from all angles really.  They're too busy fixating on their own self interest.  That's part of the danger isn't it?  Why we can't trust people even when they say all the nice things that you think are true, or what they claim to be true.  You helped them see the sun, to have its rays shine on their face.  Who will help them to see the sun again?

All my life, you stood by me
When no one else was ever behind me
All these lights, they can't blind me
With your love nobody can drag me down

When you stand by someone, how strong is your stance?  When we find out things about people, we don't whether to keep standing by them, no matter what.  We can often worry about how people's perceptions will change if we worry about their opinions of us, but that's because we're not so much caring about what people think of us per se, but that we only really care about the opinions of those who really matter to us.  This is a lesson that I learned in my early college years that sometimes rears its head from time to time in certain situations.  The thing is, I can now see it coming a mile away if I recognise the signs fast enough.  How quick are your reflexes?  Do you trust your own instincts?  The trouble with always giving people the benefit of the doubt, is that sometimes we need to be better prepared for disappointment.  I'm not saying that we can't trust anybody anymore; but that we need to be really careful about who we choose to invest our time and energy into.  Whose love can we believe in to keep us afloat in the swirling seas and storms that threaten to overwhelm us on a daily basis?

Nobody nobody
Nobody can drag me down
Nobody nobody
Nobody can drag me down

I hope that you surround yourself with people that will never drag you down.
If you have a lot of friends who constantly criticise you or try to compete with you; basically try to make you feel less than you are, try to belittle you in front of others  - call these people out.  I'm not saying that you need to knock these people out, but by all means, put these people in their place.  Life is too short to be worrying about being polite, especially when you are constantly being pushed to your limits (and not in good ways I might add) but you will know when there are people who try to erode your sense of self worth because you've managed to harness your own power that they can never hope to hold for themselves.  If you can't find people or at least some cheerleaders and support crew who 'have your back', then learn quick smart, how to have your own back and keep your head held high.  There are sharks out there who are waiting for you to fail, waiting for you to slip up and make a damn fool of yourself.  If there is one message in this song that I take with me, it's that nobody can drag me down. . .