Monday, 28 November 2016

There are worse things I could do. . .

The thing I love most about music is its ability to tell a story and to connect to the human spirit through sound.  Even if you haven't experienced what the singer faces in the story he or she sings, you can at least imagine what it might feel like based on how they articulate the melody and how the harmonies support them in the instrumentation.  This song from the classic Grease soundtrack is one of the shortest in the musical but definitely one of the most memorable for me.  I guess it has to do with the audience finally being able to see Rizzo in a truly vulnerable moment.  How many of us are able to really truly face our own vulnerabilities in life?  Who can we bare our souls to, if not ourselves?

There are worse things I could do
Than go with a boy or two
Even though the neighbourhood
Thinks I'm trashy and no good
I suppose it could be true
But there are worse things I could do

Do you think a lot about what you do?  Do our actions cause people to think the worst of us?  It is natural that people's opinions are formed on the basis of what we say and do.  Often though, we can be pretty judgemental and be quite dismissive of people when they do things that society would deem to be trashy and no good.  Sometimes we forget that maybe people do those things because there are some underlying issues that cause them to act in that way.  I'm not saying that stating there are underlying issues could be a possible excuse to explain such behaviour - but in the end - who are we to judge?  As long as we don't hurt others - there are worse things we could do right?

I could flirt with all the guys
Smile at them and bat my eyes
Press against them when we dance
Make them think they stand a chance
Then refuse to see it through
That's a thing I'd never do

A woman's prerogative to act in a flirtatious way and how a man reacts to that is the essence of love stories (or horror stories if things don't end well).  Society says it's a bad thing when we own our sexuality and sensuality.  Some women may also be quite adept at using their womanly wiles to get what they want out of men; play the damsel in distress quite artfully without their male counterparts even noticing, I mean after all, this is what we've been taught right?  That women are the fairer sex and can't possibly do anything without men there to help or support them.  I think men just need to be aware that strong women, will only allow them into their lives because they've found someone that they don't need to be strong in front of - I just think sometimes some men don't get the memo and therefore don't know how to act when a woman falls apart on them.  Lessons to be learned I guess.

I could stay home every night
Wait around for Mr. Right
Take cold showers every day
And throw my life away
On a dream that won't come true

What dreams are we willing to throw away because we don't believe that they will come true?  We can most definitely stay home every night and play it safe, enjoy our privacy and solitude without having to answer to someone else, make compromises and sacrifices that we end up regretting or never fully committed to granting.  I can't help but really feel the sarcasm in this verse of the song.  The disdain that Rizzo feels for herself is quite loaded here.  Have you found yourself in a similar position?  That type of honesty with yourself can be quite rare and if so, quite confronting if you don't know what to do with yourself.

I could hurt someone like me
Out of spite or jealousy
I don't steal and I don't lie
But I can feel and I can cry
A fact I'll bet you never knew
But to cry in front of you
That's the worst thing I could do. . . 

I hope that we can control our impulses in a way that doesn't lead us on a path to self destruction.  How do we do this when we think that it is part of the process we need to go through when we have been deeply impacted by a tragedy or similar event?  People may blame you for things that go in their world, but you need to be strong and stand up for yourself.  We need to be kind to ourselves, because there are easily so many other people out there that are ready and primed to hurt us, even when we don't ask for it or don't deserve it.  What are their motivations?  Do we continue to play victim?  No, don't do that.  We don't need to cry in front of others anymore.  We can get through this and come out the other side.  Own your feelings and cry if you have to.  But never give up ok.  There are worse things you could do. . .