Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Sure looks good to me. . .

To everyone voting in the American election - I'm hoping the outcome sure looks good to me. . . 

Life is cheap bitter sweet
But it tastes good to me
Take my turn, crash and burn
It's how it's supposed to be

What kind of life are you living?  Are we all satisfied with the quality of life that we have?  What changes do we need to make in order to be at peace with what we have, have intentions and then work for what we want?  I think that if we do fall in our turns and crash and burn, this is all part of the journey in this world that we share with others.  I think depending on your taste, you can flavour your life to taste and maybe even add some new spices that you've heard about but been too afraid to try.

So don't rain on my parade
Life's too short to waste one day
I'm gonna risk it all, the freedom to fall
Yes it sure looks good to me

Part of me thought about this song as the world waits with bated breath for the results of the American election.  It has definitely been the worst reality show that nobody ever dreamed would come true.  Can you imagine the kind of world we would live in if we let fear and hatred rule our nations?  Why would we want to alienate those supposed illegal aliens who historically would have helped to build the great nation that is America?  Sara Bareilles wrote a line in her recent song where she was asked to write from the perspective of the POTUS about his thoughts on this election - the united divided states.  Is this the type of parade we're going to see at the end of this election?  It's not about winning anymore is it, it's just about having a presidential candidate become the presidential elect who can continue to be the world leader that all other nations look to for reason and integrity.

Time passed by and leaves you behind
Taken as you leave
Heaven knows (oh) there's so much more 
More than what we see

Even in our little corner of the world, in Aotearoa New Zealand, all we have been bombarded with has been images and stories, countless perspectives and the media circus that churns out and generates so much stuff, that we know there's still much more that we have not been allowed to see.  I mean, if we think what we're currently seeing is bad - what's the really bad stuff that has been censored or buried?  What won't see the light of the day?  Heaven really would know that there's so much more.  Part of me thinks, gees, let's be grateful that the worst of it hasn't seen the light of day yet.  It's all about the lesser of two evils in the world right?  Better the devil that you know has experience, rather than the devil who talks a big game but hasn't rolled with the big boys at the big world leaders' table.

Deep in my mind I'm secure we can buy
I wanna life before I die or I lie in an empty space
The darkness comes and I've been telling my soul
And me and myself we turn around, we're getting old

Have we started to lose sight of our humanity in this election?  As an outsider there have been so many shots fired and I think if the election campaigns were depicted as one of the epic battles that feature so prominently in American civil war history - which side would we even want to win?  What will you tell your soul about how you voted on this day?  I ask this question because the majority of readers of my blog, are actually from the United States.  Will you proud of yourselves when you get old and look back on how you voted in 2016?  4 years is a long time to see something good, something bad or something even worse - the world not showing any confidence in being anywhere what will eventuate after this election.  The ripple effect is too big to ignore and as much as I've tried to avoid it in my own daily life, it will definitely have an impact on my tiny nation and this region of the world that relies on decisions made half a world away.

But the lightning, crashing, foolish emotions
Of the bruises and the beauty of this moment that we're feeling
And I feel like I'm seeing this world inside of me
But I can tell you no, it's getting easy and I'm free

Watching Bernie Sanders in the primaries before a democratic candidate was finalised, was like watching poetry in motion.  There was no doubt that this was a man that would be the voice of the people, surely this working man's champion and this servant of the people would be the hero that had been the one of prophecies.  But instead the world watched in despair, when the rules of how things work started to make things not work and we were left bereft of a man who had lived his entire life for the social justice of humanity and equitable outcomes for all.  Have our bruises healed enough so that we can enjoy the beauty of the moment that we're feeling?

There's a cold in the morning, endless equation
Of who we've become, it's a complex situation
So live, love, lie, give love
Live, love, lie and give love
Live, love, lie and give love

I hope that the outcome of this election will be one where the candidate will follow through with policies that allow the American people to continue to be the leading lights of truth and justice.  I sincerely hope that no blood will be shed following this outcome and that these united divided states that we've heard about so far in this election will unite again.  I can't help but think, in fact, I hope and believe that peace will come.  What kind of world do we want to live in?  What kind of people do we want to be?  Do we want to be inclusive and show love to others who need it the most - even to those who don't show love to anybody who is different to them on a daily basis?  I would like to think that we know exactly what we need to do, need to know and need to feel in order to be complete human beings who care deeply for others.  I fervently hope and believe this to be true, because it shouldn't only be how we're supposed to be, it's who we are anyway. . . it sure looks good to me. . .