Monday, 7 November 2016

Love will never do without you. . .

This blog post is dedicated to all my friends whose lives will never do without their loves. . . 

Our friends think we're opposites
Falling in and out of love
They all said we'd never last
Still we manage to stay together
There's no easy explanation for it
But whenever there's a problem
We always work it out somehow
Work it out somehow

I know a few friends who are going through some tough relationship issues at the moment.  Listening to their stories has inspired this particular song choice, because they have all expressed undying love for their partners, in spite of everything that they have been put through (weaker people would've left the relationship I tell you), but no, they choose to stay because in the past they have always been able to push through any problems that have come their way.  This is what you sign up for when you make your promises with your wedding vows, or if you haven't formalised such promises in such a ceremony, but there is an understanding that you would've shared about your thoughts and position on the type of relationship you are engaged in - the parameters of your love and the types of things you would do for each other, to support each other, honour and respect about each other because that's what love is supposed to do and be.

They said it wouldn't last
We had to prove them wrong
'Cause I've learned in the past
That love will never do without you

When you're in a relationship there will always be critics or supporters.  They will all have opinions about how your relationship is going (or not) and offer advice that is warranted (or not) because they say they come from a place of caring about you and wanting what is best for you.  When you are in a relationship where you have overcome so many obstacles to be together, you come to cherish the progress you have made and come to appreciate how your love has evolved.  What lessons have you learned in your past that have taught you how to approach love today?

Other guys have tried before
To replace you as my lover
Never did I have a doubt
Boy it's you I can't do without
I feel better when I have you near me
'Cause no other love around
Has quite the same ooh ooh (ha ha)
Like you do do do do babe

Other things (or people) might cross your path too and start to test your relationship.  I always wondered why when you were married, that people saw that as some kind of challenge to come and lure you away?  Maybe we're not as strong as we would like to think in a marriage or maybe we need to be?  Maybe we rely too much on others for our happiness when we should be creating our own happiness and just simply share it?  Do we need to start thinking more clearly about how we are loving these days and not worry too much about losing that love?  As important as it is to let someone know how much we feel about them, we can't also forget that we shouldn't lose who we are as an individual in that love equation, because we tend to always add so much to the relationship, while others will be more than happy (without thinking) simply take it away without warning.

They said it wouldn't last
We had to prove them wrong
'Cause I've learned in the past
That love will never do without you

I hope that the love you have will last.  When people doubt or question why you love, it has more to do with their own personal issues about their own situation, and nothing to do with you and yours.  To what extent should we let our past dictate who we become today?  We get to decide how much or how little what we have learned in the past gets to have a bearing on what we have today.  I guess it just comes down to you really understanding what it is you actually have.  Is it a simple enough question to answer?  You don't know then maybe there are some unanswered questions that you need to tend to, but however you decide what direction to take - whether you choose to hold onto that love or let it go, just remember that there was once upon a time when you were able to say love will never do without you. . .