Sunday, 13 November 2016

Leaving the table. . .

This blog post is a tribute to Leonard Cohen

It took a while to pick the right song to pay tribute to the man who is most well known for his song Hallelujah, yet here we are.  A man who rose to fame much later in his own life than his contemporaries, he showed great skill in poetry,  a natural way with words that he knew could be channelled into songwriting.  Sometimes the end result wasn't quite how he had envisaged, particularly when he worked with Phil Spector so he tried to rerelease another version of that album in the way that the wanted (which didn't make a difference to the critics but made a heck of a lot of difference to his sense of self respect).

I'm leaving the table
I'm out of the game
I don't know the people
In your picture frame
If I ever loved you, oh no, no
It's a crying shame
If I ever loved you
If I knew your name

Do we know when we need to leave the table?  We often might overstay our welcome at some place or we linger a little too long in the hopes of anticipating a moment that could drastically change or heighten the events at the table.  The possibilities of what could be may over romanticise something that was never intended to be seen in that light.   I guess you could put it down to trying to figure out what needs to be done in order for some kind of solution or reality being restored to the chaos or fake facade that's being going on the entire time.  These references to "if" in the final lines of the verse announce a kind of uncertainty that makes you think that these are the variables that stood in the way of knowing something or someone absolutely.

You don't need a lawyer
I'm not making a claim
You don't need to surrender
I'm not taking aim
You don't need a lover, oh no, no
The wretched beast is tame
I don't need a lover
So blow out the flame

What are the things that you know that you no longer need?  When we reach a point of realisation, it's definitely like a eureka moment where things suddenly start to make sense - then you wonder why you never saw the signs before.  Well that's because you weren't ready to see things clearly before, you weren't ready yet.  When do get to place and a space when you are content with knowing what it is that you need and what you want?  Sometimes what we want doesn't last longer than what we need, but that's because we need to really know what we need, and be willing to hear it when the time comes.

There's nobody missing
There is no reward
Little by little
We're cutting the cord
We're spending the treasure, oh no, no
That love cannot afford
I know you can feel it
The sweetness restored

What sweetness are you hoping to be restored?  There might be some distance that is required in order to gain some clearer clarity and understanding in your life.  Distance from what you ask?  It could be from what you normally do, particularly if it's part of your humdrum routine that doesn't really do anything to advance where you should be heading (if you really know where your destiny is meant to lead).  What treasure could you possibly be spending as love is probably the most expensive, the most valuable of all treasure, but I guess in order to claim the treasure, you must be prepared to go through a lot, like on some epic adventure or journey to experience it as sweetness restored.

I don't need a reason
For what I became
I've got these excuses
They're tired and they're lame
I don't need a pardon, no no, no no, no
There's no one left to blame
I'm leaving the table
I'm out of the game
I'm leaving the table
I'm out of the game

I hope that whatever situations you find yourself in life,  you know that you can leave the table at any time.  It's hard to stand up and step away as people would probably think you're a quitter, but in actual fact, you've arrived at your natural state of being; things were meant to pan out this way but you just held on for dear life because you knew no other way.  What excuses are you making for yourself to stop you from progressing to where you need to be?  I think if we can take responsibility and be accountable for what actions we have taken in the past that have hurt others, or learn from those times and promise not to hurt others again.

Thanks Leonard Cohen for your contribution to poetry and music.
I can only hope that I will know when it's time for me to move, so that I can make plans to be leaving the table. . .