Monday, 31 October 2016

You are. . .

Baby you'll find
There's only one love
Yours and mine
I've got so much love

The opening verse of this song always makes me laugh.  I'm not sure if it has something to do with the infectious happiness that the song instills in people or just that hearing the opening bars makes you smile without even realising.  The exclusivity of a love that is only shared between two people should teach about the capacity to love being poured into someone else.  Do you have so much love too?

And needing you so
My love for you
I'll never let go
I've got so much love

I think the capacity for love that you hold should be equal to the capacity in which you are willing to express it.  I had often heard as a child a saying that if you give love, it comes right back to you.  Does that mean that love is a boomerang?  I mean it denotes some kind of reciprocity doesn't it?  If you never let go of the love that you have for someone, how will they know that you do in fact love them?  How are they meant to know?  I guess they could find out in your actions towards them, even if the actual words don't manage to escape your lips.

All I want is to hold you
Let me show you how much I love you baby (show you)
I don't mind and I don't mind (loving you)
Girl I love you
There's no one above you

It might be hard for people to tell you how they feel because they haven't really had an opportunity to tell you; there has never been a real opportunity that never seemed contrived or totally out of place for them to be able to say how much they love you.  It should stand to reason that if someone does love you and they don't mind admitting that to themselves, then they should be able to tell you.  I guess the real question - will they tell you?

You are the sun, you are the rain
That makes my life this foolish game
You need to know
I love you so
And I'd do it all again and again
Woah woah woah yeah

Do you see life as a foolish game?  I wonder if we often identify the players in our lives soon enough and know exactly how we are meant to interact with them?  There are often rules that we don't know about from the outset, as often people are in such a hurry to play that they forget about the rules or often think they know what the rules are, but everyone plays this foolish game of life with their own adaptation or version of the rules, so who has the right rules?  I guess if you find a consensus approach to what's going on then at least if people told each other, then people would be more real, authentic and genuine with each other and play accordingly.

Tell me it's true
I can't believe you do what you do
I've got so much love
And my love you'll see
We'll stay together, just you and me
I've got so much love

It struck me while listening to this song that maybe the reason why he keeps reiterating that he's got so much love is that the person the song is intended for, doesn't actually believe that he's capable of having that much love?  We might go through life and come across people who say - I know it's too much to ask you to love me in return or I know you don't love me the same, but I can love you enough for the both of us.  What kind of life is that?  How would you deal with loving someone more than they loved you - or being loved more by someone than how you loved them?  I guess it depends on how accepting you are - love is love right?  Why the need to distinguish between who loves who the most - if at all?

Only you (know me)
Tell me how to love you baby (show me)
I don't mind and I don't mind (tell me)
Girl, I love you
Always thinking of you

We might find ourselves connected with people who understand us to such a degree that we marvel at how right they have got it.  How is it that only a small handful of people can totally understand what we stand for, come to know us and learn about us - but others can't or won't?  Why is it only a select few know us the way that we want to be known?   Is this the reason why we can only gravitate towards those certain people in the course of day, weeks, months, years, lives - because they are never far from our thoughts?

I know you know the way I feel
And I need your love for always
'Cause when I'm with you
I fall in love
Again and again and again, baby

I hope that if you are in a position to love someone and that someone tells you that they love you - that you love with all the love that's in you.  You might find it hard to love because it's been a while since you've really truly been in love, but you owe it to yourself to love and be loved.  You just need to know that rather than second guess whether you deserve love or not, whether you think that there is enough love inside you to share it with someone else, just know that you are. . .