Monday, 31 October 2016

Tomorrow (a better you, a better me) . . .

I had just started high school when this song was released.  I remember at the time that the song was about hope and about figuring out how to live to your potential.  Do you remember what you were like as a child at this age?  Were you full of hopes and dreams?  I can recall high school being a great place to discover what you wanted to do for the rest of your life and learn how to make friends with people that you knew you would take with you along that journey.  Do you still connect with your high school friends?  I have some really good ones that I still connect with and who never stray from my mind.  I'm very lucky that those people from my past have remained a strong feature of the tomorrow that I hope to create for others around me.

I hope tomorrow will bring a better you, a better me
I know that we'll show this world we got more we could be
So you should never give up on your hopes and your dreams
You gotta get up, get out, get into it, get it on to be strong

There is something to said for having hopes and dreams.  When we have them as children, they may be likely to change as our interests do, but the thing about having hopes and dreams is that they help us to stay focused on the wonder of what we are able to achieve if we dare to do so.  I think if I hadn't learned as a child to pursue my dreams, then I wouldn't be half the person I am today.  There is also something to be said for just having the sheer grit and determination as well as the tenacity to see things out and just work hard for what you want.  Are you doing all you can to get up, get out, get into it and getting it on?

If we try, we can fly to a whole 'nother place

All we need is belief and a smile on our face
We can go anywhere we want, any road we decide to take
And we're never never too far from tomorrow today

Have you experienced many obstacles along the way in your journey?  There might have been some roadblocks on your path or people how have decided to try and derail you or gave you an unnecessary detour.  I often think about the stories I listened to as a child where the books talked about our heroes who would at times be derailed or be shown a detour on their epic journeys - but I guess this is what makes the journeys epic - the fact that they went through so much stuff, in order to make their victories that much more sweeter.  As a matter of scale and perception - we only need to know that we are never far from anything we decide to achieve - even when people have stopped believing in you or are starting to give up.  That's when self belief is critically important and when that smile on your face must remain.

If tomorrow is light in a place where there's none
Then now is the time to have faith in us all
Ya know we're all in this world and we all can belong
We gotta get up, get out, get into, get it on to be strong

If you are in spaces where people think that you don't belong in the world, then it's time for some action and some not-so-subtle reminders that we are all visitors to this planet.  There must be some signals that we emit that let people know that they are no different to us, that they conveniently forget that we are but tourists in this world and that we must learn to abide and co-exist so that we can have an improved quality of life together.  It's no longer about an us versus them mentality - but in actual fact, the distinction is no more.   We can be stronger together if we choose to get up, get out, get into and get it on.  It's just a better way to be - don't you agree?

If we try, we can fly to a place in the sun
All we need is precious dreams and a friend we can trust
We can go anywhere we want, any road we decide to take
And we're never never too far from tomorrow today

Find people that you trust to take you to places in the sun where we can all shine together.
Of course that's physically impossible because we would all disintegrate if we tried to go anywhere near the sun, but metaphorically speaking, there is nothing that should stop us from taking our precious dreams and making them realities together.  Are you surrounded by friends you can trust?  I have conversations with friends lately about the ability to be able to trust others and that often people can ask us questions just to be nosey, to judge or comment - but very rarely do people ask us questions to show that they care or are even really listening to what and who we are about.  A friend told me that I just need to know that he's there and all that he does is for the best.  This statement reminds me of tomorrow never being far away from today.

Everybody say tomorrow is just for us to share
And we're gonna send our message of love out ev'rywhere
There's a promise of love tomorrow has
Something special and it's something we know will last and last

I hope that wherever you are in the world, that you make good on your messages of love with whoever you choose to share them with.  I know that even though there are so many challenges that we face today and that even when our past may rear its head now and again, that we must continue to remain hopeful, that we must continue to remember that things (like love) can last and last because it's all about how we can have a better you and a better me, tomorrow. . .