Monday, 17 October 2016

Get on your feet. . .

This blog post is dedicated to anybody who needs to just make it happen!

Do people ask you sometimes how you get things done?  Where do you get all your energy from?  They seem to think that there's some secret formula or elixir that you consume on a daily basis to achieve your goals.  As humans it is natural for us to think that we are incapable of achieving what we may perceive to be superhuman feats, but it's a matter of perception and a matter of scale.  If we obsess about problems rather than focus on possible solutions, we will continually find ourselves mired in negative situations that make it hard to pull ourselves from.

You say I know it's a waste of time
There's no use trying
So scared that life's gonna pass you by
Your spirit dying
Not long ago
I could feel your strength and your devotion
What was so clear, is now overcast
With mixed emotions
Deep in your heart is the answer
Find it, I know it will pull you through

I have had many pitstops like this in my life and I don't expect them to stop, because these are learning opportunities that will continue to build my character.  I'm not saying that we completely ignore the dire circumstances of a situation either.  I'm just saying that we can afford to succumb to our humanity, express our real feelings and then address the situation to keep moving forward.  We might even need to step back or step away from it in order to dissolve negative emotions before proceeding with a plan.  Resilience is a key factor to solving any problem; to consider how fast we want to recover and the best course of action.

Get on your feet
Get up and make it happen
Get on your feet
Stand up and take some action

We may feel helpless sometimes, but it's always good to get on your feet and do something productive.  Even if you can't contribute to the situation in the first instance. it is still good to gain some momentum in something else, because I think if you engage your brain and stimulate those neurons in another activity, especially some kind of physical activity, it helps to alleviate some pressure about the problem, give you some breathing space and move away from any anger or anxiety you're feeling and release those endorphins so that you inject some positive energy into yourself, driving that other rubbish out of your system.  I don't know about you, but that's still an issue I'm working on for myself.  It is always easy to react to a situation and have that Kill Bill music playing in your head in your own personal movie as Black Mambo.

I think it's true that we've all been through
Some nasty weather
Let's understand that we're here
To handle things together
You gotta keep looking into tomorrow
There's so much in life
That's meant for you

The thing to remember when you are going through nasty weather is that it won't last forever.  Nasty weather passes as does time.  Understanding what you are meant to achieve while you are here may take a long time, but when it does finally make sense in your mind, it will be because you are ready to take it there.  You might lack the confidence to do so, but it is somewhere that you need to consider going.  Sometimes I am torn between living in the now but also planning ahead for the future because too much in one space doesn't leave you much room to do justice to the other, but it's all about balance.  You plan for the future because of the now, and you do things in the now because of the future.  It's all interconnected and relative.  How often we get to our feet when we are knocked down is a testament to our ability to withstand pain or pressure.  It speaks to our ability to be able to handle things with others who think and love life the way we do.  Seek those people out and stay close to them.

Get on your feet
Get up and make it happen
Get on your feet
Stand up and take some action
Get on your feet
Don't stop before it's over
Get on your feet
The weight is off your shoulder

I hope that you learn to make good on decisions that extend you, push you to be further from where you currently are.  What actions are you prepared to take in order for things to happen?  It might not sit right when you start taking action the first few times, but things don't manifest from thin air if you don't intend for them to happen and don't work towards them.  Even when you think that things are over and you've missed a chance, there will always be something else around the corner. or another opportunity to redress the balance.  Time to square your shoulders, keep the weight off them and start living your best life.  So get on your feet, get up and make it happen. . .