Monday, 19 September 2016

Don't get me wrong. . .

Don't get me wrong
If I'm looking kind of dazzled
I see the neon lights
Whenever you walk by

I hadn't heard this song in such a long time but I heard it again on Saturday night performed live by a band.  I thought to myself, this is a really catchy song and it was actually the first single released from The Pretenders from their debut album.  It has all of the hallmarks of a classic or timeless song - a driving rhythm from the drums, a funky bassline, consistent rhythmic guitar with countermelodies played by the slide guitar and harmonic accompaniment by the synthesiser.

Don't get me wrong
If you say hello and I take a ride
Upon a sea where the mystic moon
Is playing havoc with the tide
Don't get me wrong

The instrumental interludes that exist between the verses allow the listener time to really lose themselves in the music.  I love songs that do this.  It kind of reminds me about how conversations in meetings should be conducted in the same way - that when questions are posed, that sufficient time should be given for people to respond.  I think that effective meetings are ones where people can be given discussion questions as far in advance in possible so that they can have time to prepare some answers and do some thinking in their own time, at their own pace, before true collaboration can begin.

Don't get me wrong
If I'm acting distracted
I'm thinking about the fireworks
That go off when you smile

Have you ever been distracted by people's smiles?  There aren't many people I know that have that effect on me (and besides, I'm not telling who those people are anyway, but not for reasons that you assume, don't get me wrong haha).  I think it's perfectly natural to appreciate beauty around you and if you find that in people that are around you, it's totally ok to compliment them on that as well.  Not in a sexual harassment kind of way - not cool.  I'm talking about the ability to appreciate the physical beauty or aesthetically pleasing appearance of people without making it awkward.  I've come across people that will compliment me and about half the people get it right - and it comes across natural because they must be well versed in giving compliments, but the other half make it sound awkward because they've had no practice but can't not say anything because you really just do look good that day.  So accept the compliments and praise openly - don't make a situation any more awkward than it has to be.

Don't get me wrong
If I split like light refracted
I'm only off to wander
Across a moonlit mile

Are there people in your life that cause you to bend like refracted light?  They might be people that you would do anything for, because for some reason you would do anything to do what makes them happy, makes them smile because doing things for them makes you happy in return; they are signs of showing how you care.  What things do you encounter on that moonlit mile?  With everything based in moonlit, it almost seems as if the fact that your journey is a mile is of no concern, because seeing everything in moonlight is better, seems more beautiful.  Do you have people in your life that make miles moonlit for you?  If you do, keep those people close.  You can't afford to be without those beacons of light.

Once in a while 
Two people meet 
Seemingly for no reason
They just pass on the street
Suddenly thunder, showers everywhere
Who can explain the thunder and the rain
But there's something in the air

There should be no mad rush to try and figure out why things are they way that they are.  When you have a good vibe with people, then trust that vibe.  We spend far too much trying to know things for certain, concerned with products, rather than processes, looking for the tangible when the lessons are actually learned in the intangible.  I don't mind hearing thunder and feeling showers because to hear and feel those things from nature, lets you know that you're alive, even if they might seem disconcerting, make you jump out of your skin but never lose sight of the sudden magic that envelops you - embrace that and all you need to know that there is something out there that wants you to sit up and take notice.  What will you be taking notice of in your daily routine today?

Don't get me wrong
If I come and go like fashion
I might be great tomorrow
But hopeless yesterday

People's perceptions are based on how they see reflections of themselves in you.
So if I choose to see the good in people rather than the bad, this should be symptomatic about how I should be choosing to be revealed to others.  It can be a difficult process to try and have people understand where you really are coming from, because they don't really listen to you.  Once you come across people who don't listen to you, the instinctive thing to do is for you to start ignoring them and stop rating their opinion as having any significance in your world.  This isn't a bad thing,  Don't get me wrong haha.  You are entitled to your own opinion, but I think we need to start relying on making informed opinions based on assessing the available information that then contributes to  decisions that benefits everyone.  I think we shouldn't worry about if we are great tomorrow, just own that greatness today and stop thinking that you're never right, because you just need to back yourself.

Don't get me wrong
If I fall in the 'mode of passion'
It might be unbelievable
But let's no say so long
It might just be fantastic
Don't get me wrong. . . 

I hope that I never stop learning.
I am grateful for opportunities to continue to refine my character, to keep reflecting and thinking about how I can make a difference to the world and the people in my immediate vicinity who make a difference to mine.  The thing I love the most about thinking is more than just being able to arrive at a decision and be totally confident in 'knowing' something - it's more to do with even when you think you know something, you can still change your mind.  You're probably thinking what?  After all that time talking about knowledge and being a life long learner she's gonna say we can still change our minds?  That's not what I'm saying at all, don't get me wrong. . .