Saturday, 20 August 2016

Try everything. . .

I messed up tonight, I lost another fight
I still mess up but I'll just start again
I keep falling down, I keep on hitting the ground
I always get up now to see what's next

The thing about resilience is that every time you lose or get knocked down, you need to keep getting back up and live to fight another day.  Everyone learns how to be resilient at their own pace and some might not even learn how to do it because other people keep stepping in to save them each time.  I don't think I would appreciate what success means to me if I had not failed so many times in my life.  All of the times that I had thought I would never be successful because I wasn't strong enough to believe in myself, or I believed what other negative people said and let them rule my headspace - that was part of the learning journey that I had to go through to be who I am today.  Do you always get up to see what's next?  I don't think you would get to where you want to be or need to be any faster than by getting up to see what new challenges come your way.  It definitely gives me something to smile about each day.

Birds don't just fly, they fall down and get up
Nobody learns without getting it wrong

I laugh at myself when I think about how many plans I had growing up and how easily or quickly things would come to me.  Some things did more than others.  But the thing about planning is that not all things go to plan.  Life happens.  And when life happens to you, all you can do is live through those experiences and figure out how they can contribute to your plan.  I think sometimes people become too fixated on being perfect, and being perfect role models but it's important to share the things that didn't go right in your life because they are important milestones in your journey.  Each achievement you will ever have means so much more when you acknowledge how the struggle was real.

I won't give up, no I won't give in
Until I reach the end and then I'll start again
No I won't leave, I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about what it means to reach a goal and whether we become content with it and never have new goals.  I told him that I thought it was important to keep hustling for new goals because we need to keep pushing further, we need to keep doing more things that can help others, by using our gifts and talents, by using our lives for this greater purpose.  It was a really cool conversation and it's something I think about often.  When society conditions us to believe what the "normal" things are to aspire towards - marriage, 2.4 children, home ownership, career etc., do we do more or go beyond these things to do more good for the world?  There are people who would be perfectly content with this - and others who will want to keep driving and being their best selves.  I'm not saying that there is no right way to live.  I guess I just wanna try everything. . . 

Look how far you've come, you filled your heart with love
Baby you've done enough, take a deep breath
Don't beat yourself up, don't need to run so fast
Sometimes we come last, but we did our best

When I think about all of the times that I have come last, it makes me smile.  I don't think that I would be where I am today without all the times I have failed or been sidetracked in life.  I needed to experience those low points, so that when I bounced back I would amaze even myself with the heights I would attain - and the thing is - I'm excited about knowing the best is still yet to come.  That's the thing about resilience isn't it?  When it's coupled with hope - you can't help but be grateful about the blessings you have in your life, even the challenges - because they are put in your path to make you appreciate how hard life is, but love how hard it is anyway.  I know I feel alive and thrive on being alive because living means that I feel life for what it brings - expect nothing and accept everything.

I won't give up, no I won't give in
'Until I reach the end and then I'll start again
No I won't leave, I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

The level of tenacity that you need in order to persevere and achieve your personal goals is important.  I'm not perfect.  I can quite readily admit that.  I am actually grateful for all of my perfect imperfections.  It means that I accept myself for who I am and I take each day as it comes and live in each moment so that I face the world doing what I love, helping to share this with others and digging my heels in to put the hard work in, to put the hard yards in - and the funny thing is; I haven't actually fully applied myself to what needs to be done.  If this is all I can achieve in what feels like 20% of me, I should be able to blow everything out of the water with 100%.  I don't think about failure - it's not an option for me, but this doesn't mean that I won't fail.  It just means that if success was a table that I'm sitting at, failure isn't even placed on the table for me.  It's not something I set myself up for; but rather, there is always a solution or better outcome that can get me to where I need to be.  I won't give up, no I won't give in. . . 

I'll keep on making those new mistakes 
I'll keep on making them every day
Those new mistakes. . .

I hope that you continue making new mistakes.  I make mistakes all the time.  This is because I'm constantly trying to hone myself, to be a better thinker, better writer, better person for everyone else who comes to rely on me in their life and just for myself.  I mean ask yourself - don't you deserve to be the best person for yourself?  Don't you want to be able to look in the mirror, smile at yourself and think yes - I won't give up, no I won't give in?  

I hope that you approach life in the sense that you will leave it a better place than when you entered it.  This is what I intend to do until I reach the end and then I'll start again. . . no I won't leave, I wanna try everything. . .