Monday, 1 August 2016

Reach out for me. . .

I have long been a fan of Dionne Warwick's early music and this song is an example of some of her beautiful interpretations of Burt Bacharach's work.  Sometimes writing a blog like this can be quite taxing because I only feel compelled to write when something happens or I "feel" a song that makes me want to write.  I guess I'm looking at the quality of the songs that I select rather than just writing about anything.  There are so many shades of light and darkness in this song.  I think it comes down to how Dionne is able to weave her voice in and out of the lyrics - particularly the epic parts of the chorus that is accentuated by the dramatic triplets sung by the backup vocals.  I smile and think about - what if life was like that?  Where you would walk around and have your own entourage of backup singers who sang everything you sang like they would be in a chorus.

When you go through a day
And the things that people say
They make you feel so small
They make you feel that
Your heart will never just stop aching
And when you just can't accept
The abuse you are taking
Darlin' reach out for me

I have noticed lately that people are being put under increasing amounts of pressure.  Most of the time it's pressure that they have either placed on themselves, or someone else is trying to diminish some of their own pressure so they have placed it on them - the classic, spread around your stress so you go around and dump it on other people.  I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of people who like to play the "I'm so busy" game and like to imply that their lives seems to be more important than yours, that everything they do is high stakes.  These types of people are on a fast track to a heart attack.  If you are surrounded by people like this, I highly recommend that you distance yourself from these energy vampires, because they don't solve their own issues, but instead like to dump stuff on others and hope that someone fixes it for them.

Don't you worry I'll see you through
You just have to reach out for me
I'll be there and I'll comfort you
Oh yes I will
Comfort you and love you
How I'm gonna love you

Do you have people that you can rely on to be there for you when you need them?  Because everyone leads such hectic lives it might pay to take some time away for yourself when you can.  There will be times when you won't be able to seek comfort from others because as well-intentioned and well-meaning as they are, they can't ultimately change the way you feel - that's totally up to you.  So I guess what I'm saying is that if you can't reach out for people to comfort you; might as well learn how to comfort yourself, pull yourself together and draw on your inner strength to get you through, whatever you are going through.

When good friends prove untrue
And the things they do to you
They make you feel so bad
They make you feel that
You haven't a reason for living
So when you feel you
Could throw in the towel and just give in
Darlin' reach out for me. . . 

I hope that if you find yourself being around people who make you feel less than you are truly meant to be; it's time to get some new friends or at least stay away from those ones who spend far too much time judging you, rather than just being genuine and listening to you.  I hope that you don't throw in the towel and give up on your dreams, especially with the progress that you've made and how far you have come.  The sole reason why you are attracting haters into your life, is because you are too worried about being talked about, being the subject or topic of conversation.  There are so many reasons for living, so ask yourself  - what kind of living are you prepared to do?  There is a distinct difference between existing and living; make the most of the seemingly small decisions today that once accumulated, will lead to the goals and milestones that convert your dreams into reality,

I hope that if you do find special people in your life who know your worth, value you for who you are and recognise your light and how much your presence makes an impact in their lives - stay around those people.  Those are the friends that you want to be around, people who can be real, genuine and honest with you, but don't necessarily criticise you constantly, when they aren't able to take the criticism if the tables were turned.  I'm a strong believer in being able to take or handle what gets dished out to you.  Even now that I'm learning to reach out for others if and when I need them because I can't do anything. I continue to learn and grow, thinking about how much I can only really rely on myself as much as people will continue to rely on me, but at the end of the day, I can only look in the mirror and really reach out for me. . .