Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Listening for the weather. . .

So I'm listening for the weather to predict the coming day
Leave all thought of expectation to the weather man
No it doesn't really matter what it is he has to say
'Cause tomorrow keeps on blowing in from somewhere

Despite what happens today, things will always look different in the morning.  They may not necessarily be different good or different bad - just plain different.  This verse serves as a reminder that we may tend to rely on the weather to tell us what the day will bring, to rely on things we can't control to see what kind of day we will have.  Would you throw caution to the winds?  Would you welcome rain or shine, snow or even sleet?  We should be thinking about the fact that it doesn't matter what the weather is like, we will be able to sort out and decipher whatever obstacles comes our way.

All the people that I know in the apartments down below
Busy with their starring roles in their own tragedies

I'm a bit of a people watcher so I would totally notice something like that - knowing people around me who take centre stage in their own tragedies of their own lives.  I often wonder what lies behind people's smiles where they can often try to hide their private pain in a public domain.  I often think about when someone asks you how you are and what's life like - you rarely ever expect them to disclose their most innermost private secrets, like they go ahead and just dump everything on the table in front of you like a busy woman trying to get through security control or customs and you empty the entire contents of your handbag to find out what's made the detector go off.

Sunlight sends you on your way
And those restless thoughts that cling to yesterday
Never be afraid of change
I'll call you on the phone
I hate to leave you on your own
But I'm coming home today

Are you afraid of change?  I don't think you should be afraid of it.  I think when we are afraid of the unknown, we set ourselves up for a life that is less fulfilling and a life less lived.  I have never been one to shirk a challenge because the learning that accompanies it is meant to make me a better person for others, not necessarily for myself.  I have been putting some time and energy recently into people who need me, or my skills, or just an ear.  I have often been asked whether this is productive use of my time, but I counter that with the knowledge that time is nothing but a man-made construct that is meant to enslave us, to make us thing that we have lack of time, that we are running out of time, that we don't have time to live - so we worry so much being without time - rather than spending that time - now.

And this busy inner city 
Has got nothing much to say
And I know how much you're hanging around the letterbox
And I'm sure that as I'm writing
You'll be somewhere on your way
In the supermarket checkout or the restaurant

It is natural to miss people and wonder what they are up to when you are not physically with them.  You will most likely think about what you would be doing together if you were physically together.  We probably don't linger around the letterbox that much these days, but maybe we hang around our text message inbox or our email inbox - waiting for someone to send us a message to let us know that they are thinking of us, as much as you are thinking of them.  It's natural.  It's human nature.  It's human emotion.  Being able to picture where you, makes it easy for people to picture you in their mind's eye and imagine themselves with you so that they will miss you a little less.

I've been doing what I'm told
I've been busy growing old
And the days are getting cold but that's alright with me

Are you sick sometimes of doing what you're told?  Why do we even listen to people who tell us stuff anymore?  Haven't we moved past that old adage of - we need to do what we are told?  What if the people who are telling us stuff can't be trusted?  Is the fact that you persist in listening to silly people. become the reason as to why you seem to be aging faster than your natural progression to grow old?  I don't mind the cold as much.  I think there's something to be said about the fact that if you can feel the cold, then you must be alive.  The point is - if you can feel the cold and you're alive - are you living?  

Sunlight sends you on your way
And those restless thoughts that cling to yesterday
Never be afraid of change. . . 

I hope that even when your days seem bleak, dark and cold, there are some good people who genuinely care about you and will be there for you, whenever you need, for whatever you need.  I hope that you don't forget those people who have got you to where you are, who were there for you when everyone else had given up hope.  I hope that those restless thoughts will cease to exist in your world, because truth be told, if you are constantly thinking these restless thoughts, then think about things that will bring about more rest, and less stress.  But above all of this, one thing you cannot ever forget, just when you think that you have come to understand something or someone to the fullest extent of what you think makes sense to you, something or someone comes along to blow it all out of the water.  Don't be too complacent with what has always be done, because by the time you figure out what you were meant to do, it might be too late.  There is nothing to fear anymore in this world, in fact, above all else, just never be afraid of change. . .