Monday, 29 August 2016

Chances are. . .

Chances are, 'cause I wear that silly grin
the moment you come into view
chances are you think that I'm in love with you

I really like this song.  There's something about how the piano is played in this piece, combined with the background vocals, the shuffle of the drums, the strings but most of all that silky smooth vocal.  How do you fancy your chances?  Has this happened to you?  I can conjure up images of moments and some great times that fit this song.  How about you?  It's an amazing feeling isn't it, knowing that someone loves you, or it could feel really exciting because you both kind of know, but nobody says anything.  There's almost a sense of heightened fear because you both enjoy doing this little dance of uncertainty, stepping carefully around each other, careful not to let anything reveal without any real intent.

Just my composure sort of slips
the moment that your lips meet mine
chances are you think my heart's your Valentine

I guess the beginning stages of courtship or dating leans itself to this sort of thing, especially when you consider how you forget what effect you have on people, or vice versa.  What happens to you when your composure slips?  Do you let the chinks in your armour show?  You might be wanting so desperately to hide how you feel and people would never know that you deserve some kind of leading actor or leading actress trophy for your award winning performance.  Why would you torture yourself n this way?  There's nothing like a kiss to let you know how much someone is into you.

In the magic of moonlight
when I sigh "hold me close dear"
chances are you believe
that stars that fill the skies are in my eyes

I can think back to many moments where moonlight has played an important part in the backdrop of an occasion.  The moon has always had many distinct historical associations in various cultures and societies.  It governs the tides and the different phases of a calendar, and the woman's connection to the moon in all of its fullness has also had affiliation to its lunar landings, as with the historical black figures who calculated the NASA astronauts landing on the moon in its glorious heyday.  How magical is the moonlight for you?

Guess you feel you'll always be
the one and only one for me 
and if you think you could
well, chances are your chances are awfully good

The realisation that the heart wants what the heart wants can seem like a fatalistic warning.  This is particularly true when things aren't as smooth sailing as they should in this situation and nothing can really be done about it.  But that's the thing about chances right?  You're not sure when you want to indulge in taking them and taking that risk to see how things pan out (or not).  But how are you meant to know if you don't take the chance right?  If you're reading all of the signals and the gut instinct is kicking in, then it's either put up or shut up - no in-between.  I hope you make a decision that works for you and just know that the chances are your chances are awfully good. . .