Monday, 15 August 2016

A little bit of love. . .

A little bit of love can go a long long way
But what you're thinking of
Should maybe start today, start today
Start today, start today oh yeah
You know it's not too late
No, it's not too late, no it's not too late
No, it's not too late, no it's not too late

I like this song because it features in one of my all time favourite movies Celeste and Jesse Forever.  There are some lovely songs on the movie soundtrack that I will most likely blog about at another time (the songs are that good).  The movie features Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg in the title roles. Have you thought about how much a little bit of love can do?  I guess it's hard to know how to give a little bit of love to others if you don't first show a little bit of love for yourself.  Easier said than done for others and for me, well it's a work in progress.  I guess when you've been conditioned to serve and put others before yourself, there is almost a sense of guilt in being able to do things that you would like to do for a change.  So it's not too late to start today :-)

Well I met a man today
Who cannot change his life
You know the caption of his ways
He blames all for his plight

I guess we've all been guilty of blaming others for predicaments that we find ourselves in, but when we start to retrace our steps and become open to accountability, it might take a while to accept our faults - but it's a necessary evil.  Can you think of reasons why you cannot change your life right now?  There might be duties, responsibilities or obligations that you must fulfill as you have people relying on you.  There might even be a chance that you're actually happy with your life and wouldn't change anything about it.  Kudos to you.  That probably makes you part of a small percentage of people worldwide who find joy in their lives, in spite of any tragedies that might come about - you just handle things better than others.

Well he just perceives them all
Giving life to flaws and he cannot hear his song
The melody of course start today, start today, start today
You know it's not too late
No, it's not too late, no it's not too late
Well, it's not too late, no it's not too late

I am very grateful to have people in my life who have no problem with telling me what I do wrong haha.  Depending on how much you can be real with someone, then you won't be able to benefit from truly hearing what the melody of your song is like.  I have said before that if I am the melody of the universe, then I need to surround myself with the right harmony.  In musical terms, there is no choice sometimes about what harmony is associated with the melody, because depending on the musical era, the harmony is organised quite neatly into keys that reflect the composer's musicality and skill in creation.  If you know that it's not too late, then why do you persist in delaying the opportunity to be who you were meant to be?  Are we afraid to show ourselves that little bit of love?

Everybody sing my little song now (Everybody sing my little song now)
Everybody sing my little song now, everybody sing yeah
A little bit of love can go a long long way
So what you're thinking of better start today
Start today, today oh, start today
Start today, start today yeah oh oh. . . 

Nobody will be able to sing your little song with you until they have arrived at the same conclusion or destination as you.  Nobody knows how long the long long way is either, so you must pack for the journey and collect the right people who will help you sing that little song.  But you know what makes for a really great singalong?  The fastest way for everyone to make that long long way a little less long, is to get on board your journey and sing the right harmony to your melody; you can just start today by showing them a little bit of love. . .