Sunday, 10 July 2016

Til I get it right. . .

There will be times in your life when you have all the peace and quiet in the world and then you suddenly get caught up in the chaos that people insist on bringing to you.  It is any wonder that you will ever find the time or space to indulge in a relationship with anybody.  But how often do you find yourself falling in love?  I think I've blogged about it on several occasions in previous blog posts, and they have either been spurred into fruition thanks to friends or family going through the various relationships at any given time.  Even though we might think we know what love does and how it can connect us with others (or not) but is there something within that makes you think - how often will I do this, how often will I allow myself to fall for people or situations that we think resemble love, 'til I get it right?

I'll just keep on falling in love 'til I get it right
Right now I'm like a wounded bird hungry for the sky
But if I try my wings and try long enough I'm bound to learn to fly
So I'll just keep on falling in love 'til I get it right

The original track by Tammy Wynette is at a more relaxed pace and seems to be melancholic and full of wistful ideas that maybe you're just not crash hot on doing this love thing right.  How do you know when you've got it right anyway?  Who decides that?  The person you're in the relationship with?  Before you can even enter into a relationship, you need to be an expert in how prepare you are to be able to put yourself out there, before you even put yourself out there.  Sometimes the reality of it never really meets our expectations.  But is this because you continually set yourself up for failure in this way, because you never really commit to know what being in love actually feels like?

My door to love has opened up more times than in
I'm either fool or wise enough to open it again
Cause I'll never know what's beyond that mountain till I reach the other side
So I'll just keep falling in love 'til I get it right

It's almost like if you keep answering the door to love when someone has knocked but you've forgotten it's actually 'Halloween and you're not prepared with your bowl of treats, and beside they never say 'trick or treat' just trick - but you still give them treats.  Why give more love than what you get? Is there even a point to opening the door then?  We probably live with those fears of being hurt or rejected, more than we would exercise the adventure of what it means to fall in love.  Feeling the fear and doing it anyway, taking a punt and just doing what you feel in your heart, that only comes into action when that thought rooted firmly in your mind starts to burn with conviction and the only natural thing to follow - is action.

If practice makes perfect then I'm near bout as perfect as I'll ever be in my life
So I'll just keep on falling in love 'til I get it right

Shawn Colvin's rendition of the song is slightly faster, but loses none of the original angst and regret of the song.  This is a testament of the beautiful songwriting of this track, by the same man who wrote Wind beneath my wings I believe.  Have you had much practice in falling in love?  I guess people are more scared about what happens after the fall.  Do you get back up (especially if the love is not reciprocated) or do you realise that rejection is on the cards so you pretend to try and correct yourself from falling, by breaking into something else mid-fall before you reach the ground?  I must say, that takes some major skills to be able to pull that off.  Nobody will see that coming, but you'll know all along.

If practice makes perfect then I'm near bout as perfect as I'll ever be in my life
So I'll just keep on falling in love 'til I get it right

I hope that you take opportunities in your life not to fall in love with others.
I mean, you can't really do that anyway unless you fall in love with who you are, what you do, how you are and what value you can add to someone else's life - as if to say, why should you be loved?  What makes you special enough to be loved?

Everyone is entitled to love as much as everyone is entitled to success.
So just keep falling in love 'til you get it right.
But get it right for you first, before you go giving more than you're getting in.
That's worth the fall then.  That's what I would be wanting to do, til I get right :-)