Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Here I stand. . .

I've only just discovered this song.  I never came across it when it was released.  There's something about the music that I love.  It could be the simple subtle keyboard introduction, before the drums hit together with the piano and the bass joins in with the vocals in the first verse.  I guess I've always been a sucker for a super slick rhythm section opening.  I think it's the melody of the hook that appeals to me, something about the rising melodic sequence before we come back down to earth in the verses.

I hope this ain't too hard to believe
Cause baby you're the only one for me
I know it get hard when I'm moving in and out of state
But I promise my heart for you I would save
Just remember that

Of course we hear signature Usher with his exclamation-like high notes at the end of the lines for emphasis of the emotional intent in his voice that expresses the lyrics.  Something about the smoothness that r'n'b music has that ensures that it has a special place in my heart never fails to bring a smile to my face.  How do you feel moving in and out of state?  I take this to mean moving in and out of states of mind during a relationship, rather than just the physical geographic movement from state to state.  That vulnerability that comes with baring your soul so that someone understands where you're coming from and revealing your true feelings - those things are hard to contend with, particularly when you aren't sure if promises of hearts being saved are enough.

No matter how far I go
And no matter how long it takes
No one or nothing can change
Forever yours here I stand (Here I stand baby)

Change can be a scary thing, and nothing is more scary then when someone declares their intentions for you; when you've been oblivious to their feelings that may have developed and not knowing how to deal with that.  People may be finding it hard to commit to someone if they have been hurt badly in the past.  Do you have problems with commitment?  Do you need constant reassuring that you are appreciated, liked or loved by those around you?

You're like a mirror to my soul, but a queen (my queen)
And finally now I know just what that means (oh yeah)
You're the blessing I never thought I would get
And to the Lord I humbly bow my head
Just remember that

Have people told you how much they have missed you?  This can happen when they haven't seen you in a long time or they didn't realise how much of an impact you made in their lives until you chose to make other priorities in your own life.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  It could just mean that your wavelengths are just out of sync and you just need to listen to your biorhythm and trust what happens from within.

Ever since you came (since you came along)
It seems like (couldn't get it right)
I fell and sunk so low, that there was no way I could be found (never thought love would find me)
And when we make love (everytime you give, whoo, give to me your love)
Give. . . you make me feel a way I never felt with no one else, and I can't help myself
I'm tellin' you that

One of the best parts of an r'n'b song should be the bridge.  The intention of the bridge is to showcase a different melody that helps to increase the tension and build towards a climax that culminates in the chorus being sung.  This can be achieved by holding onto the last note of the bridge over into the chorus.  That's quite a standard r'n'b way of helping to push the song towards more emotional heights of the song.  I sometimes wonder if people can feel the same way when they have conversations?  Like do we sense a similar sense of heightened awareness leading to a climax or some sort of boiling point during an intense conversation?  When we admit our vulnerabilities to someone, does it make us seem any less weak or strong?

No matter how far I go (yeah) 
And no matter how long it takes (yeah)
No one or nothing, nothin' babe can ever change, the way I feel, cause I'm yo man, listen see 
Forever yours, yours, all yours here I stand (yeah)

The promise of feelings never changing, no matter what may change around you, or who changes  around you - who knows how someone would feel in that space?  Sometimes things are easier said than done or we don't really understand what or how we're meant to behave in any given situation.  When someone confesses something to you, would you do with that?  Are you equipped to figure out how to handle that and move in some direction that allows you more space to grow?  More opportunity to regroup yourself and figure out what's best for you?

No matter how far I go
And no matter how long it takes
No one or nothing can change
Forever yours here I stand (Here I stand baby)

I hope that you will keep the memories alive as much as you can.  I hope that distance, time and space will not be enough to separate you from who you can lose yourself with, who you can be honest with, and with someone who "gets" you.  They just might say to you - forever yours. . I am. . here I stand. . .