Saturday, 25 June 2016

Take everything in. . .

This blog post is dedicated to you - when you need to remember what your purpose is in life ;-)

Lord knows I gotta be
True to myself to see
God's been too good to me
To take things lightly

What I love about this song is that the introduction gives you a bit of a teaser with the subtle piano solo before the rhythm kicks in, giving you the groove of the track.  For me, when rhythm kicks a song into gear, it gives the song the motion it needs to move us along, to allow our head to move in time with the melody, and also give us an opportunity to pay attention to the other instruments that form layers of texture before the lyrics begin.

Are you able to be true to yourself?  I guess it can be difficult for people to be true to themselves when they don't know who they are.  We can easily get caught up in trying to be other people that we admire and aspire to be, rather than actually doing some critical self-reflection and understanding how you can take your own unique gifts and talents to bring joy to others, to make a contribution to this world and to be grateful to God or whoever you worship as your spiritual higher power - for being able to use these gifts and talents to help others realise their own.

We all know that we got better days
Even when our world is grey
Trouble don't last always
That's why I'm leaning on my friends

When your world is grey, it is very easy to let it permeate everything that you touch.  If you remember that grey days soon clear up to allow for the sun to peak through those clouds, that when you surround yourself with really good friends who can lean on each other.  

The best friends you can be with are the ones who tell you straight up how ugly you are when you are at your worst.  Real friends are people who are there for you in your darkest times and understand when you need them to be there for you, or if you need space before you feel up to having visitors reconnect with you again.

So busy worryin' bout the little things
When someone else is doing worse than me
Somebody out there got a child in need
I never sold you down for you and me

I'm starting to think more along the lines of when someone else is doing worse than their best - rather than doing worse than me.  This inane need to compete with others about who has a better life is irrelevant.  Society tells us that we need to conform and strive for the best in all things material.  Those are the very things that are immaterial.  If you know people that are not feeling their best, reach out and connect with them so that they are able to be supported by you to bring out their best.

And the air we breathe
Maybe ain't even healthy
Cause in the forest there ain't no trees
Don't tell me that don't make you stop and think

The loyalty that comes from real, deep and meaningful friendship, can stand the test of time when your mutual times together have been tested.  Have you ever sold anyone down in order to advance yourself?  I'm not a fan of people that have done that to me in the past.  But in saying that, I have been grateful for being mistreated in this way, because it taught me never to compromise my true self and ever put myself down again.

I'm so grateful (said I'm grateful)
I'm where I wanna be (right where I wanna be)
Every blessing
Every blessing means more than life to me

All of the good things that come your way, you must accept them, even when they are scary.  I have received news from friends in the last 24 hours that will be life changing for all of them and it makes me grateful for their successes, their milestones, their achievements that have come about from hard work and just some general planning, heck maybe it's even destiny, because they can't explain why good things happen to them.  Why do we even need to worry about why good things happen to us right?  We just need to be thankful for them when they come our way.  

Sometimes we gotta stop
And take everything in
Make room for my new dreams
Look back on the old scenes

I think at some points in our life, we need to remember to stop and drink everything in.  Survey what you have achieved and take stock of all the experiences that have helped to shape you and draw you towards something new that you need to achieve.  Even all of the bad experiences that you might have gone through, those challenging times that you thought you couldn't possibly overcome and saw no way out, no light at the end of the tunnel - and now you've moved past it, and moved through it.  You laugh at yourself don't you?  You never believed that you'd get through it right?  It's all the learning from the old scenes that you need to keep in your heart.  We need to know how to feel our way to the new dreams.

It's time for me to step up
You gave me a reason 
To walk into my season
I've only just begun. . . 

I hope that you never forget to step up and position yourself to where you need to be.  I hope that you acknowledge people who have shaped you and made you realise the precious gemstone that you are, even during the times when you thought that you didn't see the value in yourself.

I hope you learn that every season in your life should allow you space to walk.
Everyday should feel like you've only just begun.  So smile and be grateful.
It's time to just take everything in. . .