Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Mister Chameleon. . .

When you start to see people for who they really are, it can be a real eye-opening experience.  You think that your mind is starting to play tricks on you because you don't understand why you are noticing these differences in their character.  Why didn't you see this before?  Have they been like this the entire time and I just didn't notice?  What have I been paying attention to?  Why am I only just seeing this now?

Here's a story of falling in love with a man of too many shades
At the blink of an eye I see his color change
It's enough to make me go insane
Flying from one extreme to the next
Should've guessed he'd fade to indigo
Although he was peachy not too long ago
By tomorrow he'll be white as snow

It does make me wonder how fast the blink of an eye truly is.  Are we talking earth time here or spiritual plane time?  Because time can be irrelevant if you so choose it to be.  I find it interesting when people change colours so quickly in front of me.  I can quite easily spend time watching and thinking, and sometimes I might even watch how people react and respond to them.  It makes for some great entertainment I can tell you that much.

Mister Chameleon, your love is so fair weather
You go from gold to green with no warning
And I can't take it anymore, it's getting so old
Something says I gotta get up

What does it mean say that your love is so fair weather?  It means that it weakens or falls in times of trouble.  How do you react to challenges that affect your love or your feelings for people?  Do you think that things would change if you had more warning?  I don't think so.  The only thing a warning in this case would do, is show you a train wreck, plane crash or car crash in slow motion - you see it unfold right in front of your eyes but you can't do anything to stop it, there is just too much momentum.  

We burned bright as the burgundy sun until emerald envy caused a scene
And exposed the crimson in your tangerine
You are quite the man of mystery
Your colors flash, they don't last, I know that they'll be
Changing so very soon
I'm looking for signs, point me to the clues
What did I do to make you turn so blue, oh you're so mean baby!

There is nothing worse than being connected to someone who is possessive or only wants you all to themselves.  It will be easy to spot other colours with increasing frequency because you know what to start looking for.  If you are someone who is highly sought after by lots of people, then you can't afford to be someone's possession.  I just think that you need to develop your skills to detect when Mister Chameleon starts changing colours.  Once you start becoming more adept at noticing and being able to anticipate when these colours change, you are then better equipped to deal with any repercussions as a result of the constant colour flash.

Mister Chameleon, I see your true colors
I thought I knew you well, now it's hard to tell and I can't take it anymore
This is getting old
Something says I gotta get up

I hope that you are able to know how to deal with Mister Chameleon when he comes your way.  I think he knows to fear you and become nervous of your reactions and actions towards him.   How important is it that we know someone well in the first place?  If people are not prepared to answer your questions, then they must at least be prepared to listen to your statements of conviction, because they need to hear it.  This is the only way that they can take the information that you have shared and then apply it to their own understanding.

I hope that you listen to that something and get up.  You don't have to take it anymore.  You can make the decision right now, right this minute to get up and live your best life; whether you choose to go solo or be stuck with your very own Mister Chameleon. . .